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Save : US$30

GREENWHITE.ORG - AUN MINI Projector C80 UP, 1280x720 Resolution, Android WIFI Proyector, LED Portable HD Beamer for Home Cinema, Optional C80 looks good in design, features and function. The best function of this product is really simple to clean and control. The design and layout are very fantastic that make it really appealing and beauty. Many individuals feel attracted to purchase and utilize it. Every feature is developed to fulfill people require as its function too. It is stunning and ideal product for simple setup, upkeep, and control device.

Retail sales volume : 259
Store Name : AUN Official Store
Product rating : 4.8
original price : US $119.99
Discount : 25%
Last price : US $89.99
AUN MINI Projector C80 UP, 1280x720 Resolution, Android WIFI Proyector, LED Portable HD Beamer for Home Cinema, Optional C80

It has a good efficiency in action. Older customers have stated that this product is an excellent device to help in their task. On the other hand, the design is flexible, easy to install and elegant. It is excellent to perform with many innovative features and is priced appropriately. With the latest technology, it includes a great function and helps people to be used effectively. The model is truly responsive with exceptional design and functionality. Made with high quality products that make this product a long and sustainable life, everyone can use it and manage it in one step. What a great thing about this product with an amazing function and easily available in various shapes and sizes. Everyone can choose and try the magic work of the functions. they can work properly and know that people need it. Something to keep in mind about this product is flexibility, and functionally, which can make your life more fun, enjoyable and comfortable. It is better than the old product or purchased in the past in the same types and designs. Feel the exceptional taste and magic of the product at an affordable price.

product specifications

  • Brand Name: AUN
  • Type: Digital Projector
  • Projection Technology: LCD
  • Ansi Lumens: 200
  • System: Android
  • Plug Type: UK Plug,US Plug,AU Plug,EU Plug
  • Optical Resolution: 1280x720dpi
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1-2000:1
  • Keystone Correction: Manual Correction
  • Projective Mode: Throwing,Ceiling
  • Home Theater Projector: No
  • Screen Scale: 4:3/16:9
  • Portable: Yes
  • Power: 60W
  • Projection Distance: 1.2-3.8m
  • Brightness: 2200 Lumens
  • Light Source: LED
  • Use: Home
  • Model Number: C80 / C80 UP
  • Weight: 0.97Kg
  • Projected Dimension: 38-120 inches
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • 3D Function: Red Blue 3D (Free 2 pcs 3D Glasses)
  • input: AV/USB/HDMI/TF/VGA
  • Power Voltage: AC110-240 50-60HZ
  • Support Max Resolution: Full HD 1920x 1080P
  • Video Decoding of C80 UP: Support 4K Video
  • Best image size: 40-85inch
  • Weight: 0.9Kg
  • Power: AC100V~ 240V 50Hz\60Hz 145W
  • Speakers: 5W x1


The projector is great. I'm very happy. The picture is beautiful. Good price for good equipment. Even the loudspeaker gives a good sound. Everything ok. Fast shipping from Spain. I recommend it! Greetings from Poland :)

Id :1684804034
Name :R***k S.
Date :22 Jan 2019
logistics :Euro-business Parcel
skuInfo :Ships From:Spain Color:C80

Проектор доехал за неделю. Качество изготовления (визуально) хорошее за такие деньги, пластик выглядит не дёшево, разъёмы и кнопки выполнены достаточно аккуратно. Сам проектор передаёт изображение в хорошем качестве, дети смотрят мультики с флешки на экране (по совместительству выдвигающейся занавески белого цвета на окне). На стену (на обои) проецировать не пробовал. Комплектация соответствует описанию. Упаковка приехала не помятая, внутри проектор и комплектующие были безопасно упакованы (см.фото). Инструкция на английском языке, написано очень каряво (на очень понятно и не ёмко). Самому всё приходится догадываться. В общем магазин рекомендую! Одна просьба к магазину: Вложите кабель HDMI в комплектацию, он не стоит больших денег, но будет очень приятный бонус!!!

Projector reached within a week. Workmanship (visual) is good for the money, plastic is not cheap, connectors and buttons made quite accurately. The projector transfers picture in good quality, children watch cartoons with stick on screen (combine sliding curtain white window). On the wall (the wallpaper) project is not tried. Fits the description of equipment. Package arrived not crumpled, inside the projector and the parts are safely packed (see photo). Instruction in English is written very karyavo (a very clear and not ёмко). Most everything we have to guess. In the general store recommend! A request to store: Insert cable HDMI standard, it is not worth a lot of money but will be very nice bonus!!!

Id :1612111646
Name :A*******r K.
Date :21 Nov 2018
logistics :IML Express
skuInfo :Ships From:Russian Federation Color:C80

доставка просто космос 3 дня до двери курьером, качество понравилось, мой первый проектор я очень доволен, продавец общительный, так что если кому нужен недорогой и качественный проектор берите здесь.p.s как подключу дополню отзыв продовцу респект ✌

Shipping A space 3 days to door courier, quality much, my first projector I very satisfied, seller sociable, so if anyone need a cheap and high quality projector take here. PS as connected to confirm a review prodovtsu respect✌

Id :732877051
Name :P***l V.
Date :02 Feb 2019
logistics :IML Express
skuInfo :Ships From:Russian Federation Color:C80

Came quickly and works and shows great, sound is okay

Id :702478174
Name :D**a W.
Date :06 Jan 2019
logistics :USPS
skuInfo :Ships From:United States Color:C80

fast shipping, good quality projector. top tier for the price. works well in the morning/evening. Has slight delay for video games, lookin at maybe .01s or 10 ms, but for casual games its great. Movies are great

Id :870126692
Name :J**k G.
Date :01 Dec 2018
logistics :USPS
skuInfo :Ships From:United States Color:C80

Buen producto relación precio calidad, tiene buena definición, portable y buen diseño. Lo malo es que suena bastante el ventilador y en caso de perder el control no tienes como acceder al menú para configuraciones. El vendedor se demoro solo 2 días en despachar el producto y 6 días en llegar a Chile, pero lamentablemente CorreosdeChile y la Aduana Chilena liberaron mi producto en casi 3 meses, ademas de pagar 23 lukas de impuestos, nada que hacer es un riesgo que uno acepta al comprar en ali. Tienda recomendada.

Good furniture product quality price ratio, have good furniture to definition, portable and good furniture design. The trouble is that ring a bell quite fan and in case of losing the Tien is as Access Control the menu for configuration is. The seller was delayed only 2 days in D is pachar the product and 6 days to reach Chile, but unfortunately CorreosdeChile and Chilean Customs freed my product in almost 3 MOs, besides paying 23 Lukas of impu is cough, nothing to do Is A Ri is go to one accept to buy in Ali. Store basic recommended.

Id :193509114
Name :C****o P.
Date :06 Nov 2018
logistics :AliExpress Standard Shipping
skuInfo :Ships From:China Color:C80

Got the projector safely with secured package. It is producing acceptable quality and good when in the dark room. Serves the purpose. Playing video through USB sometimes not syncing with voice. HDMI works best.

Id :126079626
Name :V**********n B.
Date :29 Nov 2018
logistics :China Post Registered Air Mail
skuInfo :Ships From:China Color:C80

Super schnelle Lieferung (5 Tage) Beamer ist TOP und alles so beschrieben. Ein super HD Beamer für einen guten Preis. Habe lange nach so einem Beamer gesucht der HD Auflösung NATIVE hat. Die meisten Beamer in dieser Preisklasse haben gerade mal 800x460 er Auflösung bzw. in diesem Bereich. Ich nutze den Beamer für meine NBintendo Switch , PS4 und meine externe Festplatte um damit Filme und Serien zu schauen. Habe mir den MX Player runtergeladen der kann auch AC3 Codec abspielen (dolbi DTS usw.) Man muss nur im Player oben auf HW+ umstellen. Mit dem Beamer und der super geordneten Android Oberfläche ,hat der Beamer alles was ich immer Gesucht habe. C80 UP ist echt der Spitzenbeamer für rund 110 Euro in HD mit Android.

Super fast Delivery (5 Days) Projector is TOP and all so described. A super HD Beamer for a good Price. Have long after such a Beamer wanted the HD Resolution NATIVE has. Most Projector in this Price Range have just 800x460 Resolution or. In this Area. I use the Projector for my NBin Nintendo Switch, PS4 and my external Hard Drive to make Movies and Series to look. Got me the MX Player down loaded can also AC3 Codec's play (dolbi DTS etc) You just in Player top on HW + change over. With the Projector and the super child Android Surface, has the Beamer all what I always Wanted. C80 UP is real's Top projector for around 110 Euro in HD with Android.

Id :1871031410
Name :P********r N.
Date :08 Jan 2019
logistics :Euro-business Parcel
skuInfo :Ships From:Germany Color:C80 UP

Проектор пришёл быстро, пока работает и вроде без проблем. В идеале конечно в темной комнате его использовать. Но своих денег точно стоит!

Projector come quickly, while working and without any kind of problem. The ideal course in a dark room to use it. But definitely worth the money!

Id :1854200989
Name :A****y B.
Date :14 Dec 2018
logistics :China Post Registered Air Mail
skuInfo :Ships From:China Color:C80 UP-FS

Very good quality, size and weight are just right. Delivery is super fast. But I didn’t receive 3D glasses. And i recommend to draw the curtains when use it, otherwise the image looks blurry.

Id :1711131360
Name :Us L.
Date :17 Oct 2018
logistics :USPS
skuInfo :Ships From:United States Color:C80

alles OKAY

Id :1874910753
Name :E***n U.
Date :17 Feb 2019
logistics :Euro-business Parcel
skuInfo :Ships From:Germany Color:C80

Not yet tested but arrived in flawless condition ☆☆☆

Id :110292673
Name :J***s B.
Date :13 Feb 2019
logistics :UPS
skuInfo :Ships From:United States Color:C80

Good quality at good price..Worth the money .. don’t think much buy it ..!!

Id :185251193
Name :A**n G.
Date :13 Feb 2019
logistics :Special Line-YW
skuInfo :Ships From:China Color:C80

I'm surprised how good quality is at this price. Projector is really fantastic. Order came in 7 days from Spain to Italy. Recommends ! :)

Id :868507219
Name :A**a Z.
Date :16 Feb 2019
logistics :Euro-business Parcel
skuInfo :Ships From:Italy Color:C80

Very good product. Video quality very high. Very satisfied.

Id :1677450322
Name :L**a S.
Date :28 Jan 2019
logistics :China Post Registered Air Mail
skuInfo :Ships From:Italy Color:C80

good product

Id :1634630773
Name :M******d H.
Date :03 Jan 2019
logistics :China Post Registered Air Mail
skuInfo :Ships From:China Color:C80 UP-FS

I love it best decision ever

Id :837715101
Name :T****r L.
Date :27 Oct 2018
logistics :USPS
skuInfo :Ships From:United States Color:C80

Прийшло швидко. Працює нормально. Звук посередній. Хороша річ за свої гроші.

Priyshlo Shvydko. Pratsyuє ok. Sound посередній. Good rіch svoї groshі.

Id :1721125079
Name :V*******v C.
Date :30 Jan 2019
logistics :J-NET
skuInfo :Ships From:China Color:C80

Great for the price! The video quality is compromised but for a budget home theater experience this thing is perfect! The audio quality is surprisingly good! I was expecting that I’d need to use an external speaker but the built in one is loud and clear enough for me. The cooling fan is a bit noisy but if you’re watching a movie with the volume up it’s barely noticeable. It doesn’t come with an hdmi cable. When the middle of the screen is focused the sides and corners can be a bit out of focus but it’s not very noticeable (unless you’re reading text or something). I only wish the video quality was a bit sharper but for the price I’m happy with it. If you’re looking for a sub 100$ projector this is the way to go. P.S. delivery to EU Lithuania took two weeks, the packaging quality was outstanding, everything wrapped in custom bubble wrap bags.

Id :1618438880
Name :S***s S.
Date :26 Nov 2018
logistics :China Post Registered Air Mail
skuInfo :Ships From:China Color:C80

The projector has received very quickly the device for this price category is good but I can not turn it on and configure it. The air mouse can have any features - according to the instructions on the air mouse box it does not work.

Id :1871454947
Name :V*******5 N.
Date :08 Feb 2019
logistics :IML Express
skuInfo :Ships From:Russian Federation Color:C80 UP-FS

product description

Everyone can utilize and run it in simple step. How fantastic of this product with amazing function and readily available in various shapes and size. Everyone can pick and taste the magic work of the features. AUN MINI Projector C80 UP, 1280x720 Resolution, Android WIFI Proyector, LED Portable HD Beamer for Home Cinema, Optional C80. can work correctly and know the people need it. Something to note from this product is flexibility, and functionally that can make your life more fun, enjoyable and comfort. It is better than the old or purchased product in the past at the same types and designs. Feel the exceptional taste and magic of product at the affordable rate.

Note:There is no tariff on the delivery for all parcels sent from overseas warehouse. 


Ship from Ship to     Time    VAT/Tax
Spain Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Czech republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia 1-7day No
Russian Russian 1-20day No
United States United States 1-7day No
Brazil Brazil 1-15day No






C80 / C80 Up Parameter


C80 (Basic Version)

C80 UP (Android Version)

System:  Multimedia presentation system

System: Android 6.0 OS

Support Google play store, APK online install (Due to system upgrade, Netflix and Amazon video only support Webpage version.)

CPU:  Amlogic S905X

GPU:  Quad core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU and Penta-core ARM Mali-450 GPU

Memory: 1G RAM /  8G ROM

WIFI:  yes

Bluetooth:  Bluetooth 4.0


Optical parameters

  Brightness:  2200 Lumens.   Peak Value Scope: 1800 - 3000 Lumens

  Resolution: 1280x720  Pixels Physical resolution.  Support max 1920x 1080 Full HD. 

  Contast ratio: 1000:1

  Dispaly technology: 4.0" Liquid Crystal Display

  LED Lifetime: 30,000 hours

  Throw Ratio: 1.38:1

  Keystone Correction:  Vertical: +/-15°


  input: USB, HDMI, VGA, AV, DC-in

  output: 3.5 mm Earphone


Other Hardware

  Speakers: 4Ω,5W x1(SRS Sound Technology)

  Projection Screen Size (inch):  38-120 inchs

  Best projection Screen Size (inch):  40-85 inchs

  Projection Distance (m):  1.2 ~ 3.5 meter



Latest HD LCD Display Technology

4-inch LCD Chip, 1280x720 Resolution. 

Connecting the C80 with   computer  , TV BOX, TV Stick, U disk, XBOX, PS4 and so on.

Built in  Android 6.0.1 OS, Wifi, Bluetooth  (Only for C80 UP)

Support Google market,APK install, 

Sync Smartphone Screen  (Only for C80 UP)

Can Wireless connect iphone android Smart devices by Happycast APP/Miracast APP


Why choose C80

Offer a variety of solutions for you

100-inch playback screen is equivalent to four 40-inch TV screens





LED illumination system, Life time: 30,000 hours

C80 can stay with you for 10 years with 8 hours usage per day

2200 Lumens Hight Brightness

1800-3000 Lumens For a variety of different environments

Exclusive Optical Design

Smaller size, Easy to Bring you more perfect home theater

Rich interface

Connecting the product with Devices to display your ideas in hd quality

USB Connection

No need to connect with PC anymore. Just plug U disk through USB to watch movies or pictures

Super compatibility

Connecting the C80 with Computer, TV BOX, TV Stick, SmartPhone

Built-in High-Fidelity Speaker

No external Speakers are required



Product Display

Three different styles on appearance will be sent randomly.

(Style 1: Silver lens frame / Style 2: Silver lens frame With Metal label / Style 3: Black lens frame)




Installation at all angles

Small size, saving space for you




Easy to Focusing

 Built-in +/-15 Vertical Keystone correction

Protect Eyes

Protect your eyes better than TV


Products real shot











Packing List

Note: There are two kinds of box packaging, which are randomly sent.

Due to different batches, there are two different remote controls. It will be delivered randomly.




Optional accessories

2.4G Air Mouse, Built-in gyroscope, Somatosensory to control your C80 UP

Smarter operation

Built-in gyroscope

Button Description











Q: Who We Are?

A: We are AUN Official Store. Our vision is to become the premier online projector seller by providing an unparalleled selection of the very best projector and accessories, an unbeatable shopping experience, prompt shipping and exceptional customer service that exceeds expectation. 

Q: About Product

A: All products are 100% genuine that will be fully tested before shipment. All photos displayed are all taken in kind by AUN.

Q: About Warranty

A: We offer 1-year hardware warranty for each product without personal error use. 

Q: About Shipment

A: ry

Q: About Sign of Parcel

A: Please open the parcel in post officer\'s presence, if the parcel damaged or empty(stolen), please ask the post office to provide official document and make the compliant on the spot.

Q: About Usage of Projector


Q: About Feedback

A: We regard cusotmers as our friends. We hope you can shop from us with more happiness and less worry. Please do not forget to leave us 5-Star feedback. Then you can contact our customer service to get a surprise gift.






This is also an important factor to consider, since the self-confidence of the consumer in some companies over others determines that many of their products have been purchased and used with satisfaction. Surely you will have more security in buying one of these popular providers. After doing all the research, there is one last thing you should look into and maybe use to complete the selection process. Suppose you have reduced your decision to 3 products, but you're not sure how to choose the one you want to buy. you can buy now AUN MINI Projector C80 UP, 1280x720 Resolution, Android WIFI Proyector, LED Portable HD Beamer for Home Cinema, Optional C80