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GREENWHITE.ORG - GAOMON PD1560 15.6 inch IPS HD Art Graphics tablet Monitor 8192 Leverls Pressure Sensitivity Pen Display & Drawing Tablet Glove looks good in design, features and function. The best function of this product is really simple to clean and control. The design and layout are very fantastic that make it really appealing and beauty. Many individuals feel attracted to purchase and utilize it. Every feature is developed to fulfill people require as its function too. It is stunning and ideal product for simple setup, upkeep, and control device.

Retail sales volume : 75
Store Name : GAOMON Official Store
Product rating : 4.9
original price : US $499.99
Discount : 29%
Last price : US $354.99
GAOMON PD1560 15.6 inch IPS HD Art Graphics tablet Monitor 8192 Leverls Pressure Sensitivity Pen Display & Drawing Tablet Glove

It has a good efficiency in action. Older customers have stated that this product is an excellent device to help in their task. On the other hand, the design is flexible, easy to install and elegant. It is excellent to perform with many innovative features and is priced appropriately. With the latest technology, it includes a great function and helps people to be used effectively. The model is truly responsive with exceptional design and functionality. Made with high quality products that make this product a long and sustainable life, everyone can use it and manage it in one step. What a great thing about this product with an amazing function and easily available in various shapes and sizes. Everyone can choose and try the magic work of the functions. they can work properly and know that people need it. Something to keep in mind about this product is flexibility, and functionally, which can make your life more fun, enjoyable and comfortable. It is better than the old product or purchased in the past in the same types and designs. Feel the exceptional taste and magic of the product at an affordable price.

product specifications

  • Type: Digital Tablets
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Tablet Width: 252mm
  • Model Number: PD1560
  • Package: Yes
  • Screen Size(diagonal): 15.6"
  • Type: Pen Tablet Monitor
  • Pressure Levels: 8192
  • Material: IPS
  • Tablet length: 452.4mm
  • Resolution Ratio: 5080lpi
  • Brand Name: GAOMON
  • Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m2
  • Report Time: 25 ms
  • OS Support: Windows 7 or later&macOS 10.11 or later
  • Resolution: 5080 LPI
  • Reading Height: 10mm
  • Report Rate: 233 PPS
  • Signal Interface: Mini HDMI, Type-C


Alfândega no Brasil taxou o produto em 60%, mas já esperava por isso. A tablet funciona bem, e é fácil de instalar. O tamanho da tela é bom o suficiente. Existe Parallax, e demora um pouco pra se acostumar. A partr ruim foi que minha tablet veio com um pixel vermelho morto no meio da tela. Eu resolvi não pedir uma troca, pois a alfândega provavelmente iria taxar de novo e eu teria que gastar ainda mais.

Customs in Brazil taxed the product in 60%, but expected so. The tablet works well, and is easy to install. The screen size is good the enough. Exist Parallax, and takes a while to get used to. The partr bad was that my tablet came with a pixel red dead in the screen. I decided to not ask an exchange, because the customs would probably tax again and I would spend even more.

Id :1866627893
Name :J**o M.
Date :21 Dec 2018
logistics :AliExpress Standard Shipping
skuInfo :Ships From:China

Планшет отправили через 3 дня как я заказала. Сначала он неделю шел, все нормально, потом китайская таможня вернула его продавцу, но он сразу отправил еще раз, приехал он через 3.5 недели, потому что очень долго лежал на таможне, и мне пришлось заплатить 1068 грн пошлины. Планшетом довольна, в подарок шел чехол и пленка. В наборе все есть, спасибо. Еще у меня возникла проблема с подключением, так как там hdmi кабель, а у меня на компьютере вход только один, к которому подключен монитор, поэтому приходится менять планшет и монитор, но в скором времени я куплю кабель

Plate was sent after 3 days as I ordered. At First it a week was okay, then Chinese customs brought him to the seller, but he immediately sent again, arrived in 3.5 weeks, because that is a very long time in customs, and I had to pay 1068 USD fee. Tablet happy, it was a gift bag and film. Everything is set, thank you. Still have a problem with connection, since there are HDMI cable, and on my computer input only one, to which connected monitor, so you have to change the tablet and monitor, but soon I will buy cable

Id :920007294
Name :V******a V.
Date :09 Dec 2018
logistics :EMS
skuInfo :Ships From:China

В Подмосковье дошло за 4 дня курьером. Я был приятно удивлен и подаркам и качеству устройства! Спасибо большое! , все устраивает, даже не знаю что записать в минусы...разве что рычаг регулировки высоты снизу..не удобно, ну и перчатка мала, лапки у меня большие . Все подключил за 15 мин, драйвера встали с первого раза, даже перо не калибровал. Уход в синеву убрал в 2 клика, в Nvideвском драйвере. Задержки пера не чувствую, курсор четко идет за пером. В целом экран порадовал, цветопередача и контраст хороший, пиксили видно только в упор если прям всматриваться. Боялся что 15 дюймов мало, ошибался....этого вполне хватает. ну еще , перо длинновато, намного заносит назад, надо привыкнуть к новому хвату. Драйвер простой и понятный. Все, кофе допил, хочу дальше рисовать) арты пришлю поже! Супер машина, берите, это просто восторг.

In The Suburbs came for 4 days by courier. I was pleasantly surprised and gifts and quality device! Thank You very much! are satisfied, do not know that record the cons… Except adjust lever bottom not convenient, and of the glove is small, foot have big. All connected in 15 minutes, the driver got the first time, even pen calibrated. Care in blue put in 2 clicks in Nvideвском driver. Delay pen not feel the cursor is clear for pen. THE whole screen pleased, color and contrast good, Peaks visible only focus if just stare. Afraid that 15 inch small wrong… this is enough. Well, feather long, much заносит back to get used to the new secure grip. Driver is simple and intuitive. All the coffee допил, want more draw) арты send after having! Super machine, take, it is just a delight.

Name :AliExpress Shopper
Date :15 Nov 2018
logistics :IML Express
skuInfo :Ships From:Russian Federation

Item as described. Arrived in the US in a week, much sooner than the estimate.

Id :719477703
Name :B***t H.
Date :29 Jan 2019
logistics :DHL
skuInfo :Ships From:China

Produit reçu rapidement, et impeccablement. Très satisfait de cet achat. Merci !

Product received quickly, and impeccably. Very satisfied with this purchase. Thank You!

Id :1873228268
Name :D***n L.
Date :25 Jan 2019
logistics :DHL
skuInfo :Ships From:China

Guys, this is for my daughter, she is 13, she is so happy about! good quality indeed, she uses it every day for 2 wks already. I was surprised how fast they brought is as that was New Year holidays. Looks like they do not have any rest, or our Santa was so kind..what ever. Happy with this product.

Id :1866095316
Name :N******e I.
Date :21 Jan 2019
logistics :IML Express
skuInfo :Ships From:Russian Federation

The tablet is very good for its price!! The Colours might not be very accurate but if you work in tandem with another screen you can always check colours with the other screen. Unfortunately, there is no tilt function for the pen but you quickly get used to it. It's a very good product for hobby drawing or smaller projects.

Name :AliExpress Shopper
Date :09 Jan 2019
logistics :DHL
skuInfo :Ships From:China

Exactly what was explain un the description. Really good display for my first tablet. Fast delivery, but cost a the frontière i didn't expect. Delivery partner DHL was not as good as the store. Packaging was good, with good protection of the device.

Id :1865028102
Name :N*************t N.
Date :26 Dec 2018
logistics :DHL
skuInfo :Ships From:China

доставили в течении семи дней, курьером.заранее позвонили, уточнили удобное время для доставки.5+

Deliver within seven days, courier. Call ahead, the convenient time for delivery. 5 +

Id :1614045149
Name :G****a T.
Date :16 Dec 2018
logistics :IML Express
skuInfo :Ships From:Russian Federation

I received the products, very satisfied with the seller and the products, 100% recommended!

Name :AliExpress Shopper
Date :21 Sep 2018
logistics :EMS
skuInfo :Ships From:China

Драйвер Не устанавливается в другие пути отличные от program files. По умолчанию путь для драйвера не установлен верно...Быстрая доставка за 4-5 дней.

Driver Not installed in other way different from the program files. The default way for driver not installed right… Fast delivery within 4-5 days.

Name :AliExpress Shopper
Date :05 Sep 2018
logistics :IML Express
skuInfo :Ships From:Russian Federation

Excellent !

Id :135780005
Name :M****s G.
Date :21 Dec 2018
logistics :DHL
skuInfo :Ships From:China


Id :1865208790
Name :F*****s M.
Date :23 Dec 2018
logistics :DHL
skuInfo :Ships From:China

Delay in Delivery

Name :AliExpress Shopper
Date :23 Jan 2019
logistics :Aliexpress Direct
skuInfo :Ships From:China

product description

Everyone can utilize and run it in simple step. How fantastic of this product with amazing function and readily available in various shapes and size. Everyone can pick and taste the magic work of the features. GAOMON PD1560 15.6 inch IPS HD Art Graphics tablet Monitor 8192 Leverls Pressure Sensitivity Pen Display & Drawing Tablet Glove . can work correctly and know the people need it. Something to note from this product is flexibility, and functionally that can make your life more fun, enjoyable and comfort. It is better than the old or purchased product in the past at the same types and designs. Feel the exceptional taste and magic of product at the affordable rate.





1.IPS FULL HD SCREEN-- Resolution:5080LPI  Report Rate: 233PPS  Viewing Angle: 178°Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080(16:9) Display Area: 344.16 × 193.59mm(13.5*7.6 inch)   Satisfy your needs on creative space, ensures fineness, definition and accuracy of image color and lines.


2. 10 SHORTCUT KEYS & 5 MENU KEYS-- There are 10 shortcut keys available to be customized according to your own creative habits, to make the operation more efficient, save your precious time. 5 Menu Keys---- They are placed on left side surface of display: AUTO/+ /- /MENU/POWER


3. 8192 LEVELS RECHARGEABLE PEN-- With 8192 Levels Pen Pressure, it provides more accurate and responsive pen-cursor movement, makes your drawing line smooth and natural. Nibs are in the pen holder, Clip is integrated at the bottom of the holder.


4.ERGONOMIC DESIGN--Adjustable Stand-- You can find a perfect and comfortable position by dragging the switch to create your work. Embedded Signal Interface: Subtly avoid the issue of signal cable dropping easily during moving process. New 3-in-1 Cable: Reduce the cable clutter.


5. OS SUPPORT& PROGRAM COMPATIBILITY-- Windows 7/8/8.1, Mac OS 10.11 or later; compatible with most major drawing software such as Adobe Photoshop, CDR, SAI and etc.


Product Model:  PD1560

Screen Size:  15.6 Inches

Screen Resolution:  1920 x 1080(16:9)

Liquid Crystal Type:  IPS

Dimension:  452.4 x 252 x 19.5mm

Active Area:  344.16 × 193.59mm

Contrast Ratio:  1000:1

Brightness:  250 cd/m2

Report Time:  25 ms

Color Gamut:  72%(NTSC)

Resolution:  5080 LPI

Pressure Sensitivity:  8192 Levels

Reading Height:  10mm  

Report Rate:  233 PPS

Net Weight:  1.58 kg

Signal Interface:  Mini HDMI、Type-C

Viewing Angle:  89°/89°(H)/89°/89°(V)(Typ.)(CR>10)

OS Support:  Windows 7 or later,macOS 10.11 or later

1xPen Monitor

1x Rechargeable Pen

1x Pen Charging Cable

1x 3-in-2 Integrated Cable

1x Power adapter

1x Pen Holder (Replacement Nibsx 4 inside)

1x Two-Finger Glove

1x Multi-language manual







--No longer need to worry about setting preservation.
When you need to reinstall the driver or use another different painting software, you can click the “Export Config” to save your current settings in a file, when you want to use those settings again, please click “Import Config” →Choose the file→Click “Apply”, then restore the settings you saved before
--When you work with 2 monitors, it would be better to keep the screen size as 100%. 
Set the multiple displays as “Extend”→Enter the driver panel→Click “Work Area”→Select Current Display as “All Display”→OK 


 --Please download updated driver from GAOMON official website and before installing GAOMON’s driver, please uninstall all tablet drivers from your computer and restart your computer




This is also an important factor to consider, since the self-confidence of the consumer in some companies over others determines that many of their products have been purchased and used with satisfaction. Surely you will have more security in buying one of these popular providers. After doing all the research, there is one last thing you should look into and maybe use to complete the selection process. Suppose you have reduced your decision to 3 products, but you're not sure how to choose the one you want to buy. you can buy now GAOMON PD1560 15.6 inch IPS HD Art Graphics tablet Monitor 8192 Leverls Pressure Sensitivity Pen Display & Drawing Tablet Glove