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GREENWHITE.ORG - WALFOS silicon stretch lids universal lid Silicone food wrap bowl pot lid silicone cover pan cooking Kitchen accessories looks good in design, features and function. The best function of this product is really simple to clean and control. The design and layout are very fantastic that make it really appealing and beauty. Many individuals feel attracted to purchase and utilize it. Every feature is developed to fulfill people require as its function too. It is stunning and ideal product for simple setup, upkeep, and control device.

Retail sales volume : 476
Store Name : Walfos Industrial Company Limited
Product rating : 4.9
original price : US $16.30
Discount : 51%
Last price : US $7.99
WALFOS silicon stretch lids universal lid Silicone food wrap bowl pot lid silicone cover pan cooking Kitchen accessories

It has a good efficiency in action. Older customers have stated that this product is an excellent device to help in their task. On the other hand, the design is flexible, easy to install and elegant. It is excellent to perform with many innovative features and is priced appropriately. With the latest technology, it includes a great function and helps people to be used effectively. The model is truly responsive with exceptional design and functionality. Made with high quality products that make this product a long and sustainable life, everyone can use it and manage it in one step. What a great thing about this product with an amazing function and easily available in various shapes and sizes. Everyone can choose and try the magic work of the functions. they can work properly and know that people need it. Something to keep in mind about this product is flexibility, and functionally, which can make your life more fun, enjoyable and comfortable. It is better than the old product or purchased in the past in the same types and designs. Feel the exceptional taste and magic of the product at an affordable price.

product specifications

  • Type: Cookware Parts
  • Cookware Parts Type: Lids
  • Model Number: HM15005
  • Certification: SGS,FDA,EEC,CE / EU,CIQ,LFGB
  • Feature: Stocked,Eco-Friendly
  • Brand Name: walfos
  • Material: food grade walfos Silicone
  • Certification: SGS, FDA,LFGB, Rohs
  • Temperature: -40F to +446F (-40c to +230c)
  • Material: BPA free 100% Food Grade Silicone
  • Advantage: Heat resistance flexible high stretch
  • Size: 2.6", 3.7" 4.5", 5.7", 6.5" and 8.3"
  • Color: pink, green blue and clear
  • Fit for: bowl , pan, pot, oven, fridge
  • The price include: 6 pieces


product description

Everyone can utilize and run it in simple step. How fantastic of this product with amazing function and readily available in various shapes and size. Everyone can pick and taste the magic work of the features. WALFOS silicon stretch lids universal lid Silicone food wrap bowl pot lid silicone cover pan cooking Kitchen accessories. can work correctly and know the people need it. Something to note from this product is flexibility, and functionally that can make your life more fun, enjoyable and comfort. It is better than the old or purchased product in the past at the same types and designs. Feel the exceptional taste and magic of product at the affordable rate.


Many sellers on aliexpress use fake silicone material to copy WALFOS products recently. we are suing them now.

The fake silicone material is toxic and bad for our health,can\'t touch food directly.



 WALFOS lid Patent No.:ZL 0239547.7


Original WALFOS label 

All WALFOS products will have Original WALFOS label in packaging.If you don\'t find it in packaging, the product is fake!!! Please kindly contact us if you find fake WALFOS product on aliexpress.  


Food Grade Silicone

 All of Original  WALFOS Brand products are made of Food Grade , no odor ,BPA Free high quality platinum silicone material, not cheap rubber or TPR material.

Our silicone material is the same as silicone baby pacifier ! Why we use this high quality silicone? Because it is safe for poeple to use it in oven, fridge and our health. Hope your family love and enjoy WALFOS high quality silicone product.


Our store(Walfos Industrial Company Limited) is the only one authorised WALFOS silicone brand store.


Below is Fake silicone WALFOS products.

Fake lids is made of nocuous material,they are very bad for health, not food grade materail.

Many Fake WALFOS bottle on Aliexpress,please make sure you get the  WALFOS Label  in the packaging.



Fastest shipping!!!

We choose fastest shipping way and have Tracking No. to follow up your order each step.

We don\'t use slow shipment, such as china post

You can receive goods much faster than other stores.


100% Original WALFOS Brand Kitchen Tools
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The real/ original silicone WALFOS lids are only authorized to sell in this store. 
How to identify the real  silicone WALFOS lids ?
the large lid has WALFOS  LOGO.
The packaging have WALFOS label, please check below photos from our clients.


 The REAL WALFOS Lid have WALFOS logo will be on biggest lid 

The real walfos lids will not turn white after stretch

the fake lids will turn white, it is poisonous material


100% Food Grade WALFOS Silicone, BPA Free!
BPA Free, non-toxic
Safe to Touch Food Directly
Good For Health





WALFOS LID is Good Seal for food, pan, bowl


7 cm /2.7”    9cm /3.7 “    11cm/4.5 ”   14cm/5.7 “     16cm /6.5 ”    21cm /8.3 “

These set of 6 multi size stretch lids will fit any 7cm  - 26 cm


Heat Resistance from 40 ℉(freezing) up to 400 ℉

Safe to Put in Oven or Fridge


High stretch food grade silicone 

stretch up to 40% 



You can receive  WALFOS label like below clients\' photos



2209   5 stars good comments

Please find WALFOS logo on products


WALFOS lids have 6 sizes

-Silicone storage covers come in 6 sizes (see Description below) so there\'s always one that fits

6 sizes in one package to eliminate the hassle of lost lids:

* 8.3 inch/ 21.0 cm diameter - Large salad bowl, Cuisinart mixing bowl 1 gallon paint can. You also can use them as a gripper for those screw top lids that are just on too tight.
* 6.5 inch/ 16.5 cm diameter - Extra large bowls, Suitable of a giant watermelon, mixing bowl.
* 5.7 inch/ 14.5 cm diameter - For a small watermelon, mixing bowls, soup bowls. 
* 4.5 inch/ 11.5 cm diameter - a cantaloupe, regular bowls, small tupper ware dishes, bento boxes 1 quart paint can.
* 3.7 inch/ 9.50 cm diameter - Sour Cream, Large yogurts, grapefruit, coffee mug, beer mug, small bowls. 
* 2.7 inch/ 6.80 cm diameter - Fruit cups, small yogurts, an onion or apple, can of soup, cat or dog food, that glass of wine you didn\'t want to finish, glass of milk.


-They\'re environmentally-friendly, eliminating the need to repeatedly buy expensive plastic wrap
-Plastic tops are round yet stretchy enough to fit snugly over odd-shaped mugs, pots, cups & bowls
-Microwave-safe & heat-resistant to 450 F so you can quickly reheat & enjoy delicious leftovers. 
 Can use in oven or fridge!!!
-Features non-toxic, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe & leak proof, air-tight seal so foods stay fresh!

Color : blue ,green pink and clear

Material: high stretch food grade silicone material, not rubber or plastic



Below is popular WALOFS Multipurpose food lids, which can create an airtight seal.
Use for pan, pot, cup, bowls ,microwave

Splatter Guard Set, Trivet, Placemat, Jar Opener, Pot Grabber, Food Cover



4 colors to choose





6 different sizes can fit many different shape of pan, lid, pot, can, cantainer,jar etc  2.6", 3.7" 4.5", 5.7", 6.5" and 8.3"



Multi Size 6 Pack Silicone Stretch Lids

Are you always struggling to find lids to cover containers, cups, mugs or jars, unfinished beverages, or leftover food? Worry no longer! These Super Stretch Silicone


Please see below comments from our clients.

Origninal quality at a good good price!!!!!!!!
Really nice!  Good quality! Even better is the price!!
Fast shipping!!

Reusable storage lids made from high quality, food grade silicone. Use instead of saran wrap to cover almost any dish, bowl or plate with air tight seal.

 Each set includes six different sizes, and with the combination, you will be able to cover things ranging from 2.75" - 10". It doesn\'t matter if they are round, square, oblong or rectangle. These lids stretch to any shape and still provide an airtight seal.

Sturdy and strong that it actually provides a stack-able surface once in place.

Faster, stronger, cheaper and they are also perfect for replacing lost lids, or ones that cause annoyance. Dishwasher, oven, freezer and microwave safe


Superior Quality Be careful with look-alike products. Ours have been thoroughly tested, and they are made from a stronger material that won\'t tear or slip off.

Super Stretchy Packed with elasticity, they expand to fit many shapes and sizes of containers, and then contract to create a strong hold

Extra Clingy Added ridges on the interior provide extra grip on smoother materials like glass

Easily Adaptable and Totally Reusable

Temperature Resistant & Dishwasher Safe

Money Back Guarantee


Below is clear color



Good sealing

Non slip

suitable different shape pan/dish/container





WALFOS 100% Silicone TEST  





Why choose Walfos:

1.Quality Guarantee!
100% food grade platinum silicone material.
You can return the goods if there is any quality problems, and we will refund you money.

2.Fast shipment and good packing for parcel.
We choose fast shipment service and make sure parcel in good situation for you.

3.After sale service.
Professional man to resolve any questions.

Walfos Store



This is also an important factor to consider, since the self-confidence of the consumer in some companies over others determines that many of their products have been purchased and used with satisfaction. Surely you will have more security in buying one of these popular providers. After doing all the research, there is one last thing you should look into and maybe use to complete the selection process. Suppose you have reduced your decision to 3 products, but you're not sure how to choose the one you want to buy. you can buy now WALFOS silicon stretch lids universal lid Silicone food wrap bowl pot lid silicone cover pan cooking Kitchen accessories