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GREENWHITE.ORG - GD Brand Thermal Conductive Grease Paste Silicone GD900 Heatsink Compound Net Weight 30 Grams High Performance Gray For CPU CN30 looks good in design, features and function. The best function of this product is really simple to clean and control. The design and layout are very fantastic that make it really appealing and beauty. Many individuals feel attracted to purchase and utilize it. Every feature is developed to fulfill people require as its function too. It is stunning and ideal product for simple setup, upkeep, and control device.

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Product rating : 4.9
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GD Brand Thermal Conductive Grease Paste Silicone GD900 Heatsink Compound Net Weight 30 Grams High Performance Gray For CPU CN30

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product specifications

  • Fan Speed Control: No RPM
  • Brand Name: GD
  • Package: Yes
  • Model Number: GD900-CN30
  • Application: Processor
  • Type: Conductive Heatsink Plaster
  • Compatible CPU: ALL
  • Noise: NONE
  • Heatsink Material: NONE
  • Lines: NONE
  • Fan Size: NONE
  • Color: Gray
  • Thermal Conductivity: 4.8 W/M-K
  • Specific Gravity: 2.3
  • Net Weight: 30 Grams
  • Operation Temperture: -50~200 Degrees Celsius
  • Packaging: Can
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Noise: NONE
  • Fan Size: 0 inch


Пасту получил. Не тестировал. По упаковке и доставке - все норм...около трех недель, упаковано в коробку. в комплекте пару напальчников и лопатка для нанесения пасты. Учитывая получившуюся стоимость грамма - больше не буду покупать термопасту в наших местных магазинах... Продавца рекомендую.

Paste received. Not tested. The packing and shipping of all standards about three weeks, packed in a box. Complete pair напальчников blade to applying the paste. Considering получившуюся cost program will no longer buy thermal grease in our local stores… Seller recommend.

Id :1612511526
Name :V******r D.
Date :05 Oct 2018
logistics :ePacket

Товар отличного качества. Продавец порядочный заказ отправил вовремя. Всем рекомендую.

High quality goods. Honest seller sent the order on time. Would recommend.

Id :1676534575
Name :V****n S.
Date :20 Nov 2018
logistics :China Post Registered Air Mail

Приехало быстро, уже под проц намазякал, все отлично

Arrived quickly, already a percent намазякал, everything is fine

Id :140954495
Name :A****y B.
Date :02 Dec 2018
logistics :AliExpress Standard Shipping

пришло быстро , заменил термопаста на ноуте , сразу на 15 градусов упала температура процветания . советую .

It's fast, replaced the thermal grease on the laptop, once the 15 degree dropped temperature prosperity. Advise.

Id :873590986
Name :E*****y S.
Date :19 Sep 2018
logistics :ePacket

envoi rapide, je recommande ! Merci.

Fast shipping, I recommend! Thank You.

Id :1650468037
Name :P*****e S.
Date :04 Jan 2019
logistics :AliExpress Standard Shipping

Товар пришёл быстрее чем я думал, спасибо продавцу

Goods come faster than I thought, thank you

Id :1613822843
Name :A****y A.
Date :05 Dec 2018
logistics :AliExpress Standard Shipping


Id :130054351
Name :E****y P.
Date :13 Sep 2018
logistics :ePacket

product description

Everyone can utilize and run it in simple step. How fantastic of this product with amazing function and readily available in various shapes and size. Everyone can pick and taste the magic work of the features. GD Brand Thermal Conductive Grease Paste Silicone GD900 Heatsink Compound Net Weight 30 Grams High Performance Gray For CPU CN30. can work correctly and know the people need it. Something to note from this product is flexibility, and functionally that can make your life more fun, enjoyable and comfort. It is better than the old or purchased product in the past at the same types and designs. Feel the exceptional taste and magic of product at the affordable rate.


GD900 Thermal Paste

Color: Gray

Specific Gravity: 2.3 G/Cc

Operating Temperature: -58~392 Degrees Fahrenheit

Thermal Conductivity: 4.8 W/M-K

GD900 thermal paste selects much more tiny particle diameter metal oxide as the main raw materials, used for filling the gap between the heat source and heat sink device. Its outstanding performance on the CPU GPU LED will meet your high standard demand for cooling system.

Product features: Apply to REACH and RoHS environmental protection requirements. High thermal conductivity, effective insulation, high temperature resistant, low oil departs non-corrosive.

Working principle: Fill the gap between heating element and the cooling device; Increase the contact area, so as to achieve the soundest effect of thermal conductivity.

Method of use: It\'s normal phenomena, there is a little silicone oil floating above. Please stir well before use. Keep be painted surface clean, and painted directly with tools (such as syringe, scraper, finger cot, etc.)

Warm notice: Keep children away from it. If swallowed or inadvertently come into eyes, ear, nose, mouth. Brush with clean water or send to hospital when necessary.

Storage: Normal temperature preservation. Please cover it after using, avoid impurities such as dust, which will have effect of thermal conductivity.


Smearing Steps

1. Please clean the surfaces of heat source (CPU) and dissipate heat device (heat sink) with dry tissues.

2. Using scraper or other tools to smear the thermal paste onto the CPU, and it’s no need to smear on heat sink.

3. The thermal paste should be smeared evenly on the whole CPU surface. It can neither too thin, the printed words on it should be covered. Nor too thick, the thickness like A4 paper will be better. Please refer to the following pictures.


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Foshan High Conductivity Electronics Co., Ltd. is specialized in research and development, production, and sales of thermal paste, offering OEM services for worldwide multiple brands. We accumulated more than 15 years of experience, dedicating to provide more suitable thermal Conductive solutions for you. 

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