Startup Insiders #5 – Islamabad – Sponsored by Telenor!

February 15, 2008 1:28 am 17 comments

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Update: The Event is now co-supported by both Telenor and the National ICT R&D Fund

It’s time to warm up the coffee pot again.

Startup Insiders – a Green & White and P@SHA venture – comes to Islamabad again! This time, we want to continue our thematic focus that was so successful in Karachi to answer one of the most important questions in the minds of an entrepreneur: How do I make sure my technology idea is linked with a business need and demand in the market?

The specific questions we will be bugging the panel with is:

  • Do I really need a killer product or service idea to be an entrepreneur?
  • What is Innovation? Is innovation necessary for building a successful business?
  • How do I think about building my product? How do I innovate in my business?

Sound exciting? Wait till you hear the rest of the details:

  • This event is sponsored by Telenor Pakistan and National ICT R&D Fund - they are so excited they’ve got some secrets planned for everyone attending the event
  • The event will be held on Saturday, February 23rd from 3pm – 6pm so everyone should be able to make it.
  • The event will be held in the Planet X Entertainment Theatre Islamabad – there is a beautiful recording studio in the back where we will all meet to sip deep coffee and talk startup.
  • We’ll be doing custom lighting and fitting of the studio to suit the event.

That’s not all! Check out this fantastic panel for this event.

  • Jawwad Farid – CEO Alchemy Technologies
  • Jehan Ara – President, P@SHA
  • Faisal Qureshi – CEO Kolachi Advanced Technologies
  • Zia Imran – CEO, Vahzay Pvt Ltd
  • Adnan Agboatwalla – Co-founder, PixSense
  • Amir Jehangir – Consultant – Innovation Journalism Program, Stanford
  • Dr. Qasim Sheikh – CEO, National ICT R&D Fund
  • Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed, CEO E-Health
  • Ahrar Naqvi – COO, PalmChip Pakistan (Telecom Division)
  • Dr. Nazir Vaid – Chairman, NexSource
  • Osama A. Hashmi – CEO, CDF Software

Boy thats quite a panel, but even more will be added in time.

So a quick summary of what to expect:

  • An amazing venue with a lot of secret fun activities
  • Coffee, Softdrinks, and other exotic beverages and snacks
  • Two representatives of investment funds in the country
  • People who will be talking about innovation in many different industries – from Banking, Journalism, Health, Semiconductors, Telecom, Software, Media and more
  • Zia Imran will be coming up specially from Lahore to add his charm to the event!
  • Jawwad Farid and Faisal Qureshi should also be there – fans rejoice!

Someone asked us if Startup Insiders is only for IT entrepreneurs – this event is bringing people from all types of industries together so if you have some great ideas – bring them there and discuss with everyone at the event. You might find your future partners there.

Oh and as always – it is open for all… so everyone pack up in bus-loads to show up, it should be a night to remember.

Facebook comments:


  • Wow thats quite a list of panelis

  • “It should be a night to remember” Indeed!

    Osama, Are we going to have a Demo session that day?

  • WOW! You guys are fast, I must say :)

    Thank you Green & White and P@SHA. I’ll be there.

  • Farhan

    Yupphee !!!! Great going :)

  • Do i have to register ? or can i just come :D

  • farhan its open for all (mentioned in the post too) just drop in

  • Usama Najam

    This indeed is a great event and also a much awaited one. i attended the last session and gained alot from it.

    Thankyou organizers for providing us with this opportunity. keep up the good work.

    best wishes for future

  • I never realized that someone in Islamabad would be doing such an constructive activity. :) Looking forward to this session and exchanging views with the panel.

    BTW, good job organizers and looking forward to it.

  • We at Telenor Pakistan feel proud supporting these sorts of initiatives and i am sure this would turn out to be a great event today.

  • For the Facebook Lovers, the highlights/pictures of this event could be found at the group “Innovators & Entrepreneurs” on .


  • Hussain

    People People People! Why is Jawwad so pissed at the way SI5 went? I mean, I know why but should we expect a mirch-masalay wala hard hitting with censored expletives sai bhara review from Osama (or better yet, from Jawwad himself) :D

  • Jawwad and the SI team are all passionate people who really want to make a difference and I hope they keep up the mission by vowing to come back to Isloo again and keep attempting to influence the policy, regulatory and funding circles. We all know that these are key elements of the economic ecosystem. I believe that consistency shall bring about the change within the most conventional structures. Keep up the superb work SI team!

  • faisal

    hi i want friend any budy intrested

  • MacDeveloper

    Yes, please call me at 0900 78600..;)

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