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Ufone – Double Number

*Ufone launches the first of its kind ‘Double Number’*

*Islamabad** – August 09, 2010:* Ufone recently launched “Double Number” which is yet another revolutionary service alongside interesting and incredibly useful. The service is sure to leave the customer mesmerized with its unique customer experience.

Ufone double number allows customers to have ‘two numbers on one SIM’. The customers can make calls and SMS from the double number to any network in Pakistan and it will be billed on their primary number i.e. the number that a customer already have in use.

To subscribe to the service and get ‘double number’, the customers can simply send a message ‘SUB’ to 660 or dial *66# from Ufone number. The customer will receive an SMS with their double number which is automatically generated by the system. To make a call or send an SMS, simply dial 66 followed by the desired number e.g. 6603335199942. Customer’s double number (new number) will be displayed on the screen of the receiving party. If someone wishes to call on or SMS to the Ufone customer’s double number, they will simply dial the number as usual (without the 66 prefix). On receiving the call or SMS the phone will display 66 before the calling number which allows you to know that the call is being made to your double number.

Mr. Akbar Khan Chief Marketing Officer Ufone said that double number is a revolutionary service and is sure to positively impact the lives of our valued customers. Double number is the first of its kind service which allows having complete control over incoming calls & SMSs. Our customers can keep their personal and official numbers separate yet use one SIM. This service is sure to create waves within the industry and its user friendliness will help our customers have a pleasurable service experience.

*About Ufone:** Ufone is an Etisalat Group Company with its presence in all the major cities of Pakistan along with a comprehensive coverage across all major towns, villages and tehsil headquarters of the country. The company employs more than 3,850 people and operates with a network of more than 375 franchises and 26 company-owned customer service centers along with a distribution network of 150,000 outlets nationwide*.


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