The job portal market has been growing rapidly for last few years, we have, mutakbil and brightspyre to name a few. goes a step ahead and instead of creating another job board, they create an aggregator for existing job sites.
A very neat Idea, for some one looking for jobs it does not really matter which job portal and site he has membership of. Also it eliminates the need to create accounts in all of them to get to the job, you just have to search the job and then probably create an account for relevant site. is an effort by Umair Waheed Khan a LUMS graduate. …

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Signs of a growing market? a job search engine

The job portal market has been growing rapidly for last few years, we have, mutakbil and brightspyre to name a few. goes a step ahead and instead of creating another job board, they create an aggregator for existing job sites.
A very neat Idea, for some one looking for jobs it does not really matter which job portal and site he has membership of. Also it eliminates the need to create accounts in all of them to get to the job, you just have to search the job and then probably create an account for relevant site. is an effort by Umair Waheed Khan a LUMS graduate. The site also gives recent trends in job markets based on recent postings. Few things which would make this more usable would be, ability to watch for specific jobs, like if I want to sign up for all future Project Management jobs I should be able to submit my email and receive notifications. Also It would greatly help if they can introduce some kind of Natural Language processing into refining the job search more (like based on experience) or allow sorting of results on different criteria, I guess we would soon see more refinement and feature.
Over all a good idea executed in a simple but useful way.

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  • thats kool!! but what about the sites which are already working??

  • @Maleeha, can you elaborate which sites you mean

  • Yup this is a great effort but I agree with Maleeha that there are other sites that are working such as jobrapido etc.

  • Farhan and Maleeha, thanks for pointing out I was not aware of jobrapido, will check it out and update the post

  • It is too easy for any job portal to kill your crawler through a delayed JS request if they think you are taking away their traffic. Your business model should not rely on the mercy of others for success. Try launching your own job portal instead.

  • Ahmad, why do you think the job portals would find this offensive (just out of curiosity), I think it helps them get more traffic, just like google, you basically make sure Google is able to index you pages so you turn up on searches, because all is doing is in results giving direct links to those job sites.
    There are a lot of Job portals, the market has become very crowded I am not even sure how many are their, don’t you think its better to think different and create some thing which is more useful

  • hmmm, web site owners want their users to click ads on their home page. Not to mention that if you search a job portal through their own website, they get further opportunities to display ad impressions and sponsored links alongside the results.

    Your meta search engine would be taking away these two monetary opportunities from them, which means they would only get traffic if someone actually visits their job description page through your search results. Considering how easy it is to break your data gathering crawler, I’d recommend you have a backup plan in case things go awry.

  • Ahmad, your observation is valid but it only covers the perspective of big job portals. We think that middle tier and lower job portals can use Blend.PK as an opportunity to increase their online presence. In fact, we have already started receiving requests from small job portals that Blend.PK index them as well. About your comment that it is easy to stop our crawler for the job portals, well they do not have to go that far as to try to block us if they think that we are doing anything wrong they can simply request us and we will stop indexing them but by doing this we feel these big job portals can loose their market share to the smaller ones. Just for the information, out of every hit Blend.PK receives 50% result in a redirection to the owner site. Thanks for giving the feedback.

  • Dear Umair,

    Nice job but dear these type of search engine is already available in market like indeed, jobrapido and many more. Infact a non techy guy can create it with GOOGLE custom search. I am not letting you down here. You need to step up. Add some more features which are still not provided by You should go for more… Think what is the missing factors.

  • Atif, thanks for the feedback. We are working on new features which will differentiate us like semantic search and many more. What you are seeing is an initial prototype; a very toned down version of Blend.PK. Major portion of Blend.PK is yet to be released. Thanks again for having a look at Blend.PK.

  • If so then I will wait for it

  • @Umair,

    IMHO, the business model is not sustainable. You are simply too early in the market. Indeed and all are successful because the online job hunting market has become too fragmented, so they are helping solve a crucial problem. In Pakistan, there is ONE clear market leader and then just a few other players. This means your solutions value addition to the ecosystem isn’t a lot.

    The next question would be, is it sustainable? Is it a good business? You could potentially generate revenue via (a) advertisements, or (b) paid placements.

    (a) would work only if you a lot of traffic. Assuming Rozee gets 50 mil hits a month (being the largest), their revenue could be (if they were monetizing with ads only):

    revenue = CPM/1000 * visits_per_month

    CPM = $0.30 (on higher side, in Pakistan it’s lower)

    revenue = $15,000

    I’d say, for you a good starting revenue could be $1000 i.e you will need at least 40k visits a month i.e. 1000 visits a day. I think it’s a bit hard to manage this as you are sourcing content from just a few sources out of which 3 -4 sources are good, rest is pretty much junk (i know employers don’t like to go to low end job portals! why should they, anyway!).

    (b) paid placement would get you in competition with rozee and all. They are already well established so in order to displace them you need to do quite a bit of investment in marketing.

    So IMHO:

    a) nice project, wrong market.
    b) focus your talent on a higher potential area – i’d suggest forget about pakistani market, go international! there is a bubble in the global market right now and this is the time to launch products !

    Hope you find the info useful :)

  • All, thanks for the feedback. I would add that’s success boils down to our ability to employ better search technology (relative to that of Pakistan-focused job portals) over an increasingly expanding and fragmented data-set to provide a more relevant job search experience for our users. In so far as’s users find the breadth of coverage and greater relevance of results beneficial compared to searching individual job portals, we see ourselves as partners to the existing job portals. The logical conclusion of most job searches will be redirection to an existing job portal (the fact cited by Umair above is pertinent here). By directing more relevant candidates to their job posts we will have , at the very least, a neutral if not a beneficial effect on the traffic of existing job portals.

    Also to regurgitate what Umair has already said, we are secure enough in our position to stop indexing individual job portals at the very first indication of discomfort from them. Regarding monetization, we have a few creative ideas up our sleeve that will evolve as our search technology (still at a very nascent stage) comes into its own. Regarding areas of improvement, we are working on several enhancements to – some our own, some gathered by feedback from readers such as yourselves and some suggested by the author of this post in his review. We should be coming out with some exciting new features pretty soon, so stay posted and please keep the feedback (both positive and critical) coming.

  • Asad, yours one of the best comments I have received since the beta launch. Very methodical and pertinent. But I think we won’t find out if its a sustainable model till we give it a try ;). Thanks.

  • As you probably already know VCs like to invest in big markets and big potentials. The potential in Pakistani market is just too small. I don’t think even Rozee is doing amazing revenues or for that matter Pakwheels and similar large scale portals. The companies that ARE doing good revenues are TradeKey and Sofizar’s ticketing portals. Those have very international approach.

    My hypothesis is very simple:

    1. You are very talented, Masha’Allah.
    2. Our internal market is too small, unfortunately.
    3. There is boom in international market.
    4. There is no barrier to entry for launching international products.

    Hence focus on international market. :)

    Why don’t you, use your search+scraping technology in another vertical pertinent to international market?

    It’s true that you won’t find out the potential unless you try it but I think the basic math is pretty clear in market potential. Also theoretically speaking, content aggregation works when there is a lot of content and there is a clear need for organization of that content / information. In our case (i.e. job market in Pakistan), this is simply not the case. May be if you start putting in ALL jobs – not just from portals but also from newspapers…. may be it can work. But the core question you need to ask yourself: how much can we really make after all this effort?

    A lot of large VCs actually made their money from last bubble. There are going to be a lot of millionaires from this current bubble too (imagine the millionaire employees from linkedin IPO – all of them starting their own companies. similar number from zynga.. and so on). Do you want to miss this opportunity? The hard fact is that our country is just not a lucrative enough market.

    Best of luck :)

  • Asad, thanks for the complement. Our whole team is very talented. Shoaib Khwaja is our CEO, he will graduate Inshallah from Harvard MBA next year and our COO is Sarfraz Shoukat a very very talented person. Even though your observations are acute I am of the view that a person cannot plan his success and more importantly there are no shortcuts. So lets see where Blend.PK leads too. Thanks for the great feedback, made my day.

  • Wow, outstanding discussion. Its comments like these which still get me to keep this blog going.

  • Qazi, we appreciate you covering Blend.PK, thanks.

  • @Umair Waheed Khan : What they teach you in top MBA schools is mostly how to work in a big company. I am afraid my friend running a startup is a totally different ball game, and an MBA degree from Harvard doesn’t necessarily translate into fore bearer of success. In many cases, it actually is counterproductive.

    Asad has made very pertinent points by doing some back of the napkin calculations, which is one of the first thing anyone should do before starting up. It all boils down to market primarily. However, if you want to address an international market, someone from your team will need to BE in that market to assess what’s really happening. You can’t just sit in Pakistan and carve things out, and expect them to work.

    Pakistani market is a highly price sensitive volume based market. But in the case of internet, the consumer numbers are pretty low. Get some data from google on the internet penetration rate in Pakistan and the numbers would be pretty humbling. If you still have the confidence in this market, then you will have to think different, and bring something out of the ordinary, and not just a clone of what has been working in for example in the US. One area which I see needs a huge attention, and could be a USP, is level of service. What I mean is that in Pakistan, people don’t trust the internet. If you could somehow build relationships, physically, in the real world, and transform that into something meaningful online, it might work. Labor is cheap here, unlike Europe or US, so try thinking putting people on the road to get something out of skeptic customers. In short, don’t just get caught up in the internet buzzland. It’s just a channel for your product delivery that’s all, like cable, or radio. So you need to get real, step out of the workplace, and ask yourself what product and services are you giving, and what is the best platform in the Pakistan to get it to the consumer.

    There are many other things that could be experimented with,but do share your experiences and lessons learned.

  • Zeb, your advice is duly noted, thanks. Visit our official blog ( or facebook fan page to keep yourself updated on our progress, experiences and lessons learned.

  • ?ou are a ver capable individual!

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