Apples revokes first developer license and guess which country gets the honor!

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Yes you are right, the developer company that gets this treatment belong to our beloved Pakistan,

here is the story

Apple bans App Store’s 3rd-most prolific developer

Although the story focuses on the aspect of in consistency of Apple in verifying the apps, it does mention Pakistan explicitly when it refers to Khalid Shaikh.

“Khalid Shaikh and his 26-employee team (most of which are in Pakistan) have published 943 applications (thank you TapMetrics for validating these numbers). “

Last night when i read the story i was really disappointed. Thank you Mr Khalid Shaikh this was perhaps the best Independence day gift you could have given to the nation.

The gentle man’s thought pattern can be summarized in this sentence

“Instead, he says, he’s going for “less product value” and “more monetization.” So, instead of developing one or two apps and charging $0.99, Khalid prefers to create hundreds of apps and charge $4.99.”

At another place some one expresses this because of his business tactics

as one commenter write

“jesus, this guy is sitting somewhere in Pakistan.

at least thats what he wrote in one post in some dev-forum…… he couldn’t care less about possible copyright violations.”

With companies like Tintash, Tkxel and Geniteam doing some great work (I am sure there are many freelancers and other organizations which are not yet in our radar) in Iphone development, working and making their own mark, this would make some impct on their credibility as well.

How should we react to this eludes me, we have P@SHA  as a representative of software houses, maybe sending a joint message out that we as a nation do not in any way support such shady means, and some ruckus on Pakistani blogosphere to condemn would be a start.

If you ever thought that one man could not do much difference here is your proof, one person singlehandedly brought a bad name to a nation which despite its issues shows glimmer of hope with its energetic entrepreneurs .

And the irony is that Mr Shaikhs name matches exactly to a person arrested and tried on terrorism charges from Pakistan.

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  • well, I think not at every stupid (or smart for some) act of an individual makes Pakistan’s honor at stake. So, I would suggest discuss this without emotions.

  • @ aijaz, yes i guess i went over board, sorry about that. but lets keep this objective to what this causes,
    usually for existing clients this is hey have you heard that story about khalid shaikh, and the back to usual business,

    for newer ones now they have a reason to add to more apprehensions.

    technically once a clients over comes his fears of stability (usually after a first well done job) these things don’t matter and our entrepreneurs are safe.

    But this certainly increases barrier for entry to new clients looking for off shoring opportunities, where while in initial negotiation if the client is aware of this incident (and a lot of people read tech crunch) his whole discussion will revolve around how will you protect my assets

  • The issues have been laid out properly by Qazi above. This is not always an easy topic to discuss. The author deserves credit for focusing our attention on this subject. Let’s help by adding clarifications and by making constructive suggestions.

    It would be incorrect to say that there are a large number of people in the IT field in Pakistan who wake up every morning and declare their intention to make money that day by stealing and abusing the intellectual property or ‘IP’ rights of others.

    To the contrary, it appears that IP is elevated and put on a pedestal, which creates some of the problems that we are seeing today. Too often we see organizations over-reacting to IP issues by declaring that everything that occurs or is created within an organization is to be considered confidential information and cannot be shared.

    When asked about IP policies and procedures, middle managers and techies will commonly declare that their organization takes IP so seriously that it is the responsibility of top management—often solely the responsibility of top management.

    If we are to truly protect IP rights (and the legitimate business interests of our own operations) then we must all become proficient in IP rights management and protection. This ‘we’ includes government employees, members of academia and people in private industry.

    We must all be able to articulate how confidential information is defined within our organizations and the procedures in place for protecting it. We must all have access to the key provisions of confidentiality agreements that govern how IP is defined and protected (including the IP of competitors and other third parties), and how to respond in the event of an unauthorized disclosure. We must all understand how software is licensed and, in particular, how proprietary and open-source software licensing functions.

    Open-door policies need to be maintained between employees, directors and principal investors. On some occasions, clients and their representatives will seek to maintain open-door policies as well. These open-door policies can provide avenues for whistleblowers and for pre-emptive back-checking about the appropriateness of a proposed course of action.

    Last but not least, if contractors and employees are empowered to speak up about IP issues within their organizations, then chances of an IP-related problem will be greatly reduced. Imagine how this could have strengthened job security within Khalid Shaikh’s 26-employee team if some of those team members had sought to clarify IP issues before Apple stepped in and did it for them.

    If improvements can be made in the ways we teach, lead and protect IP, Pakistan could and should become a global IT and ITeS powerhouse. Competing IT destinations suffer from larger (and more intractable) problems with IP management than we find in Pakistan.

    There is nothing wrong with IP protection in Pakistan that cannot be successfully addressed through dedication, education and systemization.

    It may sound like a lot of effort is required — but IP protection is actually a simple set of processes that anyone can become familiar with, if given the opportunity. The level of personal integrity and professionalism among members of the IT industry in Pakistan provides an enduring foundation for moving forward.

    Pakistan’s image can and should become synonymous with the protection of IP and other confidential information.

    Creating a strong IP-protection framework within industry, academia and government is analogous to someone with a tooth problem. The longer we wait, the more pain awaits us. The time to ‘get IP done’ is now. Let’s get to work.

  • TFA clearly says:

    “Our offices are in New Delhi, India. (…)

    Sanchay” (sic)

    How is this a Pakistani company? MobileCrunch should have better fact-checking.

  • Salman Munir


    I read the article and related material to understand the issue. I agree with you that other players in the market are doing good/honest work in the iphone dev space. Having bashing on our countrymen dishonest behavior would have a bad impact.

    As the article raises the question also, Why Apple was sleeping for 9 months? The guy mastered to understand the needs of the iphone audience and charge them what he wished. Is there a rule “You shall not charge more than 0.99$”? And there are other developers mentioned in the article as well. its now up to Apple to have give same treatment to other developers.

  • @Salman, thanks for stopping bye, my concern is not as much about what he was charging, I would happily pay 10$ for some thing which helps me achieve some thing more efficiently, i for example will happily part with 5 $ for a good alaram app which understands and and syncs to my profile for example so in meeting mode the alarm should not ring or such thing,

    My concern more or less is with the IP infringements, he used contents from other sites and piped them through his apps to appear his own and charged them.

    There are a lot of local software setups who do outsourced iphone development, for example i am in Us i need an app developed under my name to be put on the store, if that ind of client grows apprehension that i will deliver his work but might in future publish it with my own name without any concern for agreements then he will think twice.

    and adding fuel to fire would be the apple reaction time, they took 9 months to realize this, during that nine months i would be copying some one elses idea and making money on it the only risk i take is my repu if i care, how long do you think it would take for khalid to make another account with another identity and continue this :) Apple would have a hard time keeping tabs on this

  • nash, it seems that Khalid Shaikh has teams working in Pakistan and in India (try searching for “perfect acumen jobs”). You can also find four or five employees of the Islamabad office on LinkedIn.

  • Indian site has linked to your article–Pak-or-Indian-.aspx

  • Thanks Qazi for updating anyways :)
    In my opinion, these big companies with lots of money dont let people do business in real and so people come up with shortcuts and even illegal means to do businesses. Of course, we discourage them but then again we need to focus on the positive sides.

  • I am just, as the word goes, astonished at the vengeance and vigilantism in this blog.

    Some guy made a lot of rubbish apps, which some degree of questionability – that even Apple couldn’t check in time. First, Apple approved the apps, and then they decided the apps weren’t up to par. They banned him.

    Fine! It’s an everyday instance in the tech world.

    How does that become a matter of national interest — such that G&W is after this man to punish and malign him? Jeez, that’s none of your business!

    If a male is apprehended for chalking up a wall in New York, will you get equally upset because he has brought shame to the entire masculine gender in the galaxy?

    Limit your anger, and the best way to NOT bring madness and bad name to Pakistan is to treat this news as a case of a not-so-great app developer.

    You are the one who is bringing attention to the “Pakistan” reference in the story.

    Now I must say I am one of the ex-contributors to this site, and I surfed my way here from an invite to the Google Group for editors and contributors. Months since I visited this place. The last thing I saw here was G&W riling against other people and trying to threaten and expose them … and so is the next thing.

    It is useful to stop policing the world.

  • The appropriate thing to do, if at all it is G&W contract to do things, is to express clearly that app development is NOT equal to matters of national concern — end of story.

    If developers on a forums are equating KS with Pakistan, that’s their immaturity. Everyone likes to call Pakistan names just as we diss smaller African nations. This is ignorant, myopic behavior. We don’t need to carry it around our necks.

    Certainly, I don’t want to be bothered as a Pakistani about some reckless man. That’s his problem, not Pakistan.

    Did you see anger erupting in any nation over the — ugh — fart app? Did any IT Ministry run after the developer?

    If there is anything sad about this story’s relation to this Independence Day, then it is this: we live in a country where random people ascertain themselves as the guardians of our morality.

    This is terrible. Not happy as a reader.

    Over & out!

  • @Astonished.
    It would have been great if you had responded with some identity. As I am having hard time remembering some one using this nick to contribute to comments or writing.
    Regarding the tone if you went throgh the comments I had already highlighted the problem. Its not the useless apps that are the issue its the copyright infringement that would cause problems for entrepreneurs coming in field.

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  • The wikipedia link you added refers to Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, the 9/11 plotter.

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