So, apparently Badar Khushnood doesn’t know who we are?

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Aamir Attaa from ProPakistani asked Badar Khushnood here whether or not I was being invited to an upcoming Isb Blogger’s meetup.

Here’s his official response:

Gnw is more than welcome… If you know them directly, plz request them to share their success story with me for consideration.

Umm…. yea, so either Badar doesnt know that my email address is written everywhere on this blog, that he’s a friend of the greenwhite facebook profile, AND follows our twitter account (, that we’ve exchanged emails in the past, and he has genuinely never heard the term “Startup Insiders” before…

…. OR he’s deflecting the question because he doesnt want us there.

…. OR he’s using distancing language by just saying “if you know them…” even though Aamir asked about me specifically…

…. OR he’s just talking generally about anyone who wishes to join.

Either way, without reading too much into the comment, I’ll make it easy for him – I wasnt planning on attending anyway… I dont want to get into why but some ugly emails were sent to some of my friends who voiced their opinions about the event (that Badar’s not aware of) which would make me refuse to attend even if asked.

But I’m more interested in the second part of this response – “Please request them to share their success story for consideration”.

As always with Green & White – I’ll let the community decide for itself.

Do you think Green & White is any type of a success story? If so, what would that story be anyway?

Please share with the community what you think GnW’s success story is.

(P.S. I’m not checking emails or following online activities or planning on blogging for a week or more – trying to live offline to get some rest and reboot over the holidays)

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  • Come on Osama, get a life man… Did u contact Badar directly for this issue? What I have heard from my friends is that he’s a humble person. This is truly very personal and not so professional post. Disappointed.

  • Osama,

    U really needed a break, plz make best use of it.

    Badar Khushnood is someone I personally know and I can assure you his brain doesn’t work in the sinister plans you have concocted here. Plz stop personal attacks on individuals. I’m a contributor on G&W and felt bad about this post.

    As for the suggestion, I think G&W should be presented 100% as a success story.

  • If you start hitting people in the fact and expect they will feature you, you really need a dose.

    I usually don’t read or comment on blogs such as this one, but you can’t just get personal and use your blog as a tool to harass someone.

    I would be surprised if you still have the balls to make it to the event :)

  • Now, this is totally lame! Have you even ever met Badar Khushnood? I mean, he is NOT what you are thinking of, and the way you wrote this post… Ugh! Nevermind.

    This is no way to hit someone or go personal, just because he didn’t directly respond to ‘you’ :S

    Looking forward to meet you at the event, just in case you make it there 😛

  • Saad and Haris have already pretty much made a statement here. So I’ll be polite and invite you to the meetup personally.

    As far as a success story is concerned, in what merits is your blog a success?

    And in the end, name dropping and flaming wont get you anything. I personally know Badar and he is a great person both personally and professionally. And That’s probably why he is himself a success story.

  • As far as I know Badar sahab, he is a polite man and has always guided me.

    I agree that there must be some misunderstanding or conflict between Sir Osama and Badar bhai, but I dont think Osama sahab has done anything wrong. Afterall blogging is freedom of speech and everyone has right to express his views. So Osama sahab has done the same.

    and the way Harisn, Uzee, DjFlush have bashed Osama, is very disappointing. Your comments represent how misinformed you guys are. I mean I am surprised that you people are questioning G&W’s success story? Come On n00bs, go and do some googling. You will get to know about who is Osama and G&W. Perhaps this will teach u how to respect seniors.

    P.S. No offense to anyone

  • Osama, listen, when in doubt – check it out. Simply call the person up and get a clarification. No need to advertise it all over the website. This is precisely how rifts are created.

  • Haha! talk about the success story of a blog who’s owner is using it as a platform to hit other people.

    God! I must love the professionalism here.

  • @Farhan

    A second read of the article would give you a very good idea of who bashed who first. And just for the record, I was very polite in what I said.

  • @Farhan:
    “and the way Harisn, Uzee, DjFlush have bashed Osama, is very disappointing. Your comments represent how misinformed you guys are. I mean I am surprised that you people are questioning G&W’s success story?”
    Wow, and you don’t see how he has bashed Badar Khushnood without doing any ‘googling’ is beyond all of us. Would have been great if he had done a lil bit of research before. It shows how misinformed this dude is. And success story? honestly, this is the FIRST time I read this blog or even heard about it!!!

  • I won’t comment on all the bashing thing,
    but for the ones questioning the success of this blog, if the measure of success is how much adsense revenue a blog generates by churning out contents like ‘bikni clad girls in tetris’ or ‘top 10 hot girls using mac’ then I must agree to all you bloggers who have just visited this blog to question its success without going through the content, that this blog is a failure.
    But if the measure of success is the quality of readers who follow this to see the innovation and startups emerging from this country, or the fact that there is some very deep discussions going on, or maybe the fact that dispite all the odds this blog was enable to highlight some of the most promising startups from the country and community of readers actively giving advice and making sure the quality of innovation improve. and the fact that this blog was behind creating the brand starup insiders and was behind the recently usability event in islamabad then i guess this blog is a success but to some very serious professionals who strive to make a difference

  • I think there is no doubt about the success of the individuals in question. I know Badar personally and he is very down to earth, very supportive, proactive and professional person. I have had the opportunity to speak with Osama too and I find the same qualities in him.

    Although this is now a public issue, I would have rather not read it online. Seemingly both individuals had ample contact prior to this, so a simple email would have sufficed.

    Let us not make it more than the issue it is.

  • And to make things clear once again.

    I am not questioning the success of this blog rather objecting against how Mr.Osama has used this platform to exploit someone’s name and repute.

    And yes we all know Blogging means freedom of speech, but bashing people makes you no different to the typical Pakistani media

  • The first sign of success is perhaps arrogance… pick your dummy off the ground and get back to constructive posts.

  • Osama,

    Badar responded within 15 minutes of AA’s suggestion. Without referencing wikipedia, we can all agree that is not a sign of avoiding the subject.

    Having talked to Badar in detail about the format of the event in Lahore and then personally attending the one in Karachi for almost 3 hours, and then spending the evening with the guests from Lahore/Islamabad – I know he is very particular about knowing the background and present of the people who come to panel. From daily hits to struggles during the first X months, he knows the details inside out. That’s all he expected when he suggested AA forward the mic to you.

    I think you are reading too much into the comment since you went into the trouble of linking to a definition in wikipedia.

    As for G&W, it is the only Pakistani blog I follow regularly along with 3 others listed on; I am sure many other people get there morning doze of IT happenings through G&W. It/you should be at the ISL event because from what I recall, there was no representation of a society based blog at Karachi event.

  • Osama, this post yet again reveals your bitter, immature and gossipy side. You are the greatest obstacle to your own success.

  • Devils Advocate


    I know you don’t read or comment on blogs such as this one, but I hope someone from your pack of friends who so suddenly materialized to defend Badar (a person who should need no defense) will get this message to you even if you don’t read it directly.
    I am commenting here because you have not touched this topic on your blog, even though the spirit of blogging suggests that you either comment on the original post or send a pingback from your own blog, which is the preferred way – and carry on a discussion forward, or answer accusations, or refute allegations, or clarify confusions. You have chosen none of those paths – instead of objectively reading Osama’s post here and objecting on what he has said, you chose to accuse him of ‘hitting people in the face’ and ‘harassing someone’ and of ‘lacking balls’ and of ‘exploiting someones name and repute’.

    Being a mostly silent observer of the pakistani blogs scene, I have to jump in and risk being called another troll.

    First of all, if you are willing to flush your mind of preconceptions and actual care to read the post, you will see that though the post may sound too emotional, surprised, sarcastic or condescending, it does not directly “bash” Badar. If you have work for the IT industry for some time, as a blogger, and people who know and correspond with you (Badar) suddenly miss you out altogether on an event that is called “Bloggers Meetup”, you are bound to be surprised and downbeat. As a somewhat impartial observer, I find NOT A SINGLE WORD in the POST that is offensive, though there are plenty of attacks in the comments on Osama. The post is trying to offer 4 possible explanations of why GreenWhite was not invited to the “party”. If you can point out a single offensive word in the post, correct me – I doubt that you can.

    Next, you have conveniently missed commenting on the WHY part of GreenWhite’s refusal to attend the event even if invited. If some ugly emails were sent to some people about the event (and Osama acknowledges that Badar is not aware of them), then you, being the stars of all meetups, could have atleast asked the event organizers if the ugly email part was true or if Osama is lying about those emails for some reason? That is also the job of a blogger, researching facts to the best of your ability before posting something. The last post on GreenWhite touching the event was that on Wateen, so it doesn’t take much intelligence to connect the dots.

    People’s motives will always be questioned, and it is upto those people to come forward and answer the allegations, or ignore them after deeming them unworthy. Either way, it is Badar’s call – and yet when the same clique of people that were put into the limelight by Google come to defend the Google representative when the Google rep does not even bother to answer, it shows either utmost respect and worship, or some extreme ass-kissing attitude, and I’m not going to pick one – I know Badar is a decent guy, and if he doesn’t bother with clearing up confusions, that is his prerogative, not yours, unless you are his representatives.

    I did not know about your blog sizzlopedia until you were put on the stage by these meetups, though I have been an avid reader – and I have been following your blog and you as a (successful blogger?) case study for a while now, but I am sorry to say that when you come here to defend some bashing that didn’t happen, or when you ridicule GreenWhite on twitter (yes, your twitter personality is a much truer version of you), or when you say “DjFlush: What kind of an unprofessional idiot is Osama A from ” on – I hope you have the decency to not delete the twitter entry . Osama probably hasn’t even interacted with you once, so that makes you a troll, not a blogger – because even though a blogger blames and argues and fights, he also listens and evaluates and tries not to judge people until there is some rationale for the judging. The hypocracy by which you address GreenWhite here and elsewhere just shows that using wordpress or earning adsense revenue does not make a blogger. You can probably still get your pictures taken holding a can of RedBull or besides the Wateen logo, but those blatant product placement tactics would have had more value if you had tried to actually analyse a bit and ask questions before picking the obvious side and attacking the evil villians who attacks your heroes.
    Your brand is tainted by your low blows.

    I agree with the bitter part. Osama needs to have lower expectations with our blogging scene to avoid the bitterness. Gossip is discussing events in other people’s lives, if something affects your own life, that is not gossip – the above is a case of speculation. I am not old enough to judge anyone’s maturity, but I can safely say that Osama has been more mature than the commentors here.

  • Are you freaking blind ?? Or are u just deep kissing the blogger’s ass? The effing post title bashes Badar Khusnood!
    And you’re crazy to think Saad getting his pictures taken has ANYTHING to do with any sort of product placement. What a noob! Just because you wrote so much in your comments, doesn’t give mean you can ‘safely judge that Osama has been more mature than the commentors here.’
    This guy, Osama, somehow lives in the cloud. It’s not just Badar Khushnood who doesn’t know who you guys are, include a BIG CHUNK of the online population of Pakistan in it, and you’ll know where you stand. If not for this controversial post, this blog would not have been known by even the commentators.
    It’s very obvious that most of you no name blogs have issues with blogs who got the most of the attention at the meet ups. Suck it up guys! Personal attacks on DjFlush’s personality wont hide your jealousy and hatred for him! LOL! Some Green and White you guys are! Totally black inside.

  • Devil’s Advocate == Osama defending himself :)

  • Devils Advocate

    Thanks for your insightful comment Imran, though it could have used a little less testosterone, and was meant for DjFlush to answer, but I guess it doesn’t really matter who is talking as long as the theme is the same.

    Let us analyze the title again:

    “So, apparently Badar Khushnood doesn’t know who we are?”

    That is what we call a question, with a hint of disbelief, as the author of the post has corresponded with the person in question more than once. Bashing? Where?

    No, I am not blind, and I’ll disregard your comment about any kind of ass now and in the future.

    Are you so simple to think that the meetups or any sponsored events for that matter do NOT have anything to do with products and their placements and brand associations? I’d recommend a Marketing 101 book.

    Your own comment shows the kind of facts you believe in :-) I am sorry but just because you have huge self-esteem does not mean any chunk that includes you automatically makes it a BIG CHUNK of the Pakistani online population. If you have such statistics about the whole online population of Pakistan with you though, do paste them here.

    I do not care where this blog stands or whether it is noted, known, read or not. My comment was about online conduct, criticial and anlaytic thinking and other things that should be part of any blogger’s personality, things that I find missing in yours.
    Jealousy and hatred are strong emotions, I try to use them sparsely. You should too :-)
    Thank you though, for starting an actual discussion, however crude, instead of a crusade. Now if only you can drag DjFlush in this discussion instead of merely representing him…

  • The only time G&W actually gets decent traffic is when Osama publishes something silly. Maybe that’s the goal?

  • Devils Advocate

    Akram Khan,

    lol, I was hoping someone would be more imaginative than this. Ok let me try…

    Akram Khan == Imran Hussain trying to prove some point.

    See… accusations are easy.

    I am a reader of this blog, NOT Osama, and whatever I wrote above was intended for anyone who would benefit from my perspective, which is just another perspective, like yours or DjFlush’s or Imrans or Osamas. That is what blog comments are for.

  • Devils Advocate

    Imran Hussain,
    I see what you meant by the length of my comments, I didn’t realise that they are longer than the actual post! Words flow easily when you have something to say.

  • I’ve been reading GnW for some time now, and I still remember some of the email correspondence with Osama regarding the design of GnW. He was extremely helpful and a very dedicated individual. (Though our ideas never materialised into something)

    I’m not much of a blog analyzer, but I guess some of the comments were really harsh and needed not to be posted.

    I’m flabbergasted to read something like this. Com’n people!

  • Imran Hussain == djFLUSH’s girl friend
    djFLUSH == Badar’s girl friend


    why do they need their girl friends to defend them

  • well my reaction to all this confusion is,

    Mr. Badar please meet Mr. Osama of Green ‘n White

    Mr. Osama please meet Mr. Badar of Google

    Lets make up and be friends…. truly this confusion is not worth fighting over about, coincidentally both have not met each other – that can always happen, after all we are humans… lets move on….

  • I totally agree with Dr.Awab here this confusion is not worth fighting for.

    Some of the comments here were insulting towards the author of the post which I personally didnt expected from these young bloggers. Her is the deal, No matter how irrational the content of the post may be, but its the responsibility of all the bloggers (especially young bloggers) to show some respect towards other bloggers, especially to those who are in the industry for quite some time and are older then us as well. The purpose of writing or reading a blog is to engage in a dialogue that we lack in our society and not to throw mud at each other on the basis of difference of opinion.

    I had the opportunity to meet Mr.Badar in the KBM08 and found him a very humble and reasonable person. Before the event I tried to contact him and some how he got late with the reply of my emails. But through out the event he apologized for this late reply not once but thrice. This shows what kind of a person Mr.Badar Khushnood is. He did a great job with the meet ups and I’m looking forward for more Google based events in Karachi.


    As for Green n White; it is a success story no doubt, but there is too much negativity in the reviews which is kinna sad.

  • I agree with Dr. Alvi, this all seems to be some misunderstanding, guys sit together and settle this issues.

  • Green & White is more than a blog. It’s an open community operated pro-bono to encourage IT entrepreneurialism and IT use generally—not just in Pakistan—but globally.

    OA is more than a blogger. He is a researcher and consultant with deep practical knowledge on how to create IT synergies within entrepreneurial ecosystems and how to spread IT use among businesses and consumers.

    On the basis of our mutual associations, I am positive that Badar Khushnood is a good and honest person, whose actions and character are above reproach. But this isn’t about Badar Khushnood. Or OA. It’s about Google.

    Google stands to gain financially from wider IT use in Pakistan by both businesses and consumers. Google is already benefitting from ad sales and ad click-throughs in Pakistan, and stands to earn dramatically increased revenues as Internet use expands.

    Although I’d like to see rivals to some of Google’s service lines emerge in Pakistan, perhaps along the lines of, such prospects at present do not pose any sort of threat to Google’s revenues.

    Google and Green & White share interests and should be able to benefit from each other, instead of the current one-way contributions of GnW to Google’s revenue ecosystem in PK.

    Unlike Microsoft, Google has not bothered to respond to my survey questions (for publication) about the roles and responsibilities of online advertising companies to conduct socially responsible activities in the markets where they make money.

    A blogger’s meetup that subtly associates PK bloggers with Google’s blogging tools is a nice gesture, but one that my sister could have easily pulled off in her spare time. It also has the effect of drawing the most technically savvy opinion leaders away from GnW.

    OA has every reason to feel slighted by Google. If Google cannot recognize and adapt to local landscapes and local online venues, then its agenda and motives cannot be given a free pass.

    Rather than pull people away from GnW into alternate venues, we who support and participate in GnW can be asking how American behemoths like Google can be engaging with us, in the online communities where we are already active.

    Google’s help for GnW should not center on offering to provide ad feeds. Instead, I’d like to see Google use some of its tremendous volumes of unsold ad inventory to attract new readers to GnW. Google can write this off from its taxes in the U.S.

    Free hosting for community-oriented websites? Not a problem for Google. Access to Google Apps for ‘beta testing’? Ditto. Underwriting GnW educational, consultancy and demonstration events around the country? Shouldn’t be a problem.

    Google has a responsibility to contribute back to the communities where it makes money. In the case of channeling new readers to GnW, the fulfillment of this responsibility will result in more people booking high speed Internet connections and using more Google services and clicking on more Google ads.

    One of Pakistan’s strengths as an IT hot spot is the long-standing tradition of giving back, of successful ventures sharing their earnings in order to make the world a better place. If the good people at Google’s HQ do not understand this, then perhaps more articulate people than I could help communicate these expectations in a manner that American executives will understand.

    GnW—and Pakistan as a whole—provide Google with great opportunities. I hope and trust that Google can learn how to realize those opportunities in a mutually beneficial and sustainable manner.

  • Farhan, Anthony and Devils Advocate: great illogical comments, truly impressive!

    On one hand there were 120+ participants on each blogger meetup from Wccftech to Sajshirazi to Awab to Sabeen to Brightspyre and tens of others. Nothing is perfect. Be critical but not ‘personal’.

    Secondly, if OA is so well connected with Badar at FB, Twitter, etc., why didn’t he drop an email or call Badar? Was it an ego issue?

    @Anthony, I’m the most impressed by you and the way u’ve immediately negatively linked American behemoths & GnW… Would Google benefit from supporting GnW or 120×3=360 bloggers? Wake up and get a life!

  • Imran Hussain and DjFlush seems to be living in dreams. thy been very kind on twitter too. they expect as thy r the only things in pak blogging. but I think we should let Imran and other snoop dogs dream.

  • @ Mirza Yes, we forget that there are idiots like you in the Pak blogging scene as well!

  • well as far i know, Badar is a very nice and humble guy.. who don’t use such tactics..

    There might be misunderstanding and need to be resolved from both sides.

  • @ Imran Hussain, Djflush & a few others who are spending so much of their time trying to belittle others.

    Kindly grow up, get a life, be a bit more professional and improve your attitudes towards others before going on and on like children who’s lollipops were taken away.

    I think you are doing nothing more than embarrassing yourselves by actually carrying on with this idiotic “discussion” and coming back with more and more reasons for the people here to to doubt your sanity.

    I personally am a passive observer and am not that active on the blogging scene, but I DO know of G&W, whereas do not know of or DjFlush’s contributions, but perhaps that’s lack of knowledge on my part.

    What I DO know is, that when DjFlush mocks the “professionalism” of this blog but goes on ranting and says stuff like “What kind of an unprofessional idiot is Osama A from http: //”, I’m wondering where he lost HIS professionalism?

    I personally do not see any BASHING in Osama’s post. Is a question, requesting clarification at most. Could have gone without having it up here as a post, but nonetheless, it seems that most of you are just using this one post as an excuse to “bash” Osama and G&W.

    See now THAT was the correct usage of the word “bash”. For those still in doubt, look it up in the dictionary, or stop coming here if you’ve “never heard of G&W” or don’t like the “lack of professionalism” on this blog.

    That way everybody’s happy.

    P.S. I personally am ALSO “just voicing my opinion”, so if anyone here is offended, my apologies, but you probably deserved it.

  • @Faizan OH SHUT THE HELL UP! That’s what you probably deserved, and I’m not bashing you, just voicing my opinion.
    You contradict urself by going on how u dont know about our blogs, and call on us for professionalism? Wakey wakey! Practice what you preach junior. Stop embarrassing YOURself by writing so much that does nothing but contradict what you say urself in the first para.
    You freaking guys just go on and on and on and on. I’m unsubscribing from the comments finally, good riddens to all of u.

  • Good riddance to bad rubbish! :)

    Oh and “junior”, take your milk bottle when your unsubscribing.

    Also, learn the word “sarcasm” while you’re at it.

    THIS junior has been in the IT field for a decade and happily survived without reading your blog and probably know a lot more about professionalism before you were born.

    Now save face, don’t reply. :)


  • [With a mixture of amusement, disgust and exasperation, I am editing this tasteless comment to take out the profanities in this comment, since Osama is MIA. Kids, please contain yourselves and try not to put words in TeethMaestro’s mouth. – RV ]

    Mr. Imran. Just tell me one thing. According to my medical knowledge, Badar did not apply *BLEEP* while *BLEEP*ing you *BLEEP*ly. No no. Never mind. It really hurts, it does! Made you crazy and demented.

    Saad! Be careful. Badar will do the same like he did with Imran. After all, you’re his other *BLEEP*….

    [Comment edited by RV]

  • Faizan sahab, i’ve seen lots of people like you in our local industry, no wonder its crawling. The professionalism you boast of is probably lost on u.
    And who ever the above dude is, go BLEEP YOURSELF, coz I’m very sure you’re used to it.
    Green with envy, that’s what u idiots are. And white is ur blood, since you can’t be happy for others.

  • I am a BLEEP and I came up from BLEEP and I give BLEEP to all BLEEPERs. I was enjoying my vacations when you all tried to Kiss my BLEEP. Thank you for standing up for me. peace out

  • man you need medical attention. so apparently no one knows wtf is green and white is.Credit goes to Imran Hussain to inform me about a shit blog Green and white in which author is fucked up by his own attitude.

  • I’d like to register my protest that the above comment by an impostor posing as ‘Teeth Maestro’ was NOT mine – can I kindly request G&W & Osama Bhai to please edit the comment / commentors name accordingly so it does not reflect to have been come from me….

  • @Teeth Maestro:
    But it has your name and URL doc! How could it not be you?! :-)

    @Osama A.:
    Are you a [fake] too? :-)

    @The Passionate Kids’ Army:
    The internets… they never forget. Try not to make fools of yourselves :=)

  • @Imran Hussain

    Firstly, how come you’re still here?

    Secondly, get to know me before you “think” you know me as far as the industry & professionalism is concerned.

    You’ve probably “seen lots of people in the industry” which relate to you and your childish tactics to degrade others while you yourself sit around basking in the sunlight of your ignorance.

    Who here is envious of you I wonder. White blood, red blood, it is our own. At least we do not try to suck it out of others non-stop as you do by remaining on this thread.

    Kindly unsubscribe as you OH-SO-DRAMATICALLY had announced yesterday. :)

    If you SO hate this blog…leave!

    It’s that simple! Or do you fail to comprehend that simple yet 100% sure-fire way that you’ll be rid of the likes of us all?

    And take a breather, relax, count to 10, control your anger and THEN post to blogs.

    Will help you once you get through puberty and into the real world as well. 😉

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  • General 10Pearls and National Geographic Release A Geography Challenge App

    10Pearls and National Geographic Release A Geography Challenge App

    10Pearls, one of the leading Pakistani IT companies, has recently added another feather to its cap. This time, in partnership with National Geographic, 10Pearls has released the new and improved GeoBee Challenge App – an interactive app to challenge and grow the geographic knowledge of the users.

    Each year thousands of schools in the United States participate in the National Geographic Bee using materials prepared by the National Geographic Society. The competition is designed to encourage geography in the classroom, ignite student interest in the world around them, and increase public awareness about geography. Schools with students in grades four through eight are eligible for this entertaining and challenging test …

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  • General 10Pearls Spins Off Game Plan8

    10Pearls Spins Off Game Plan8

    It’s heartening to see that Pakistani IT companies have now started to diversify themselves into non traditional areas, and are competing with global players in areas such as gaming. We have received information that 10Pearls, one of the leading  mobile and enterprise web development services companies in Pakistan, has spun-off a separate entity focused solely on developing and publishing casual mobile games.  The new entity, Game Plan8, will focus on creating 2D and 3D games for the iOS, Google Android, Kindle, Facebook and other platforms. Details can be seen on the company’s official press release at


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  • General Telecom CCP Gives Guidelines Against Telecom Companies’ Deceptive Marketing

    CCP Gives Guidelines Against Telecom Companies’ Deceptive Marketing

    If only were there two things when it comes to the law, firstly the fear of breaking it and by passing the legal authority, and secondly, implementation of the law given full dedication, there would have been less competency and dishonesty in business and society. However, keeping good faith, the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has put forward “Deceptive Marketing Guidelines” which will maintain the Section 10 of the Competition Act, 2010. In order to enforce this part of the law and stop anti-competitive conduct on part of the telecom companies in advertising, the guidelines have been shared with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and other concerned telecommunication sector members, in …

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