Inov8 dispels rumors about workforce, operations

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Inov8 Ltd. has quashed rumors about the company’s financial performance, among other things. They have paid the salaries of employees working on the Mobilink Genie project though many have since left the company. They are also currently working on some new financial services products.

I recently talked to a couple of their management guys and they told me that they initially did ask the employees to leave, if they wish, as the payments for the project had been delayed. They paid the salaries after receiving those payments but during this time many employees had already left the company.

The company also dispelled rumors that it is or was facing any embargo from State Bank regarding its services. They also mentioned that they have got a good workforce strength and are currently working on many new financial services products. I asked for any new products lined up but they refused to divulge any details but did mention that they are going to launch some in near future.

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  • Inov8 has announced increments and arrears for all employees who are with Inov8..(But they have not given arrears yet) Do they think by doing this good resources will join Inov8. My answer is NO…NO….NO…..NO…..

    Hussnain and Bashir, good resources will not join you until unless you clear dues of your previous employees

    I am warning you to clear all pending dues of x-employees, otherwise consequences will be more than worst you can ever imagine

  • Today 20th March, forth hearing was at court and again Inov8 lawyer has not replied on the x-employees salaries to court.

    Judge has asked Inov8’s lawyer, be prepared next time, otherwise decision should be against you. this is what inov8 management now doing in court too, delay delay…

    new hearing is 3-April-2009

    You have to pay a heavy price for not paying remaining salaries to all x-emloyees. This is a last warning, don’t take it lightly

  • Yes, true…..they should pay salaries to old employees

  • Its too much for CEOs (Hassnain and Bashir), atleast now they should pay the salaries of the ex-employees. Shame, Shame, Shame.

  • Now Inov8 has started mailing on different forums for new hirings. Ab kis mun se loogoon ko job offer karo gay…… “….Sharam tum ko magar nahi aati”

  • I am also one of those employees who are effected by Inov8 and also filed case against them for our payments. They are not doing right with us. They have money to pay salaries and arrears to the employees they have, the huge increment in their salaries but don’t have any thing for us. I won’t forgive them. Not only me but also my entire family have been effected by them. I can forgive if I am effected but can’t if my family is effected by them. Insha Allah we will win this case as we deserve it but I won’t still forgive them. They have to pay at the day of judgment for the tough time my family has faced due to them and still facing.

    Also i would like to tell all of you to not join them as they can do it with you as well. (they say “doesn’t matter with repute we have, just offer more money than market and people will come to us).


    I request you on behalf of thousands of your valuable customer to terminate the contract with INNOV8. Otherwise we will be forced to stop using MOBILINK Services to register our complaint against this bad HR practice by INNOV8.

    Since they have not paid the salaries to you. FILE the case in High Court to get the IP of the product because its your brain.


  • First of all I feel sorry for all the developers/x-employees of inov8 on the said subject.

    However, we have a couple of openings for J2ME / Blackberry developers in our firm. Our firm is a reputed organization with decades of experience in technology and outsourcing work.

    I invite you guys for interview and commit a good carear path. Interested candidates can send resumes at

    I wish you all the best in your future.

  • Anyone know what happened at the 3 aprl hearing?????

  • Hi all,

    so is there any updates further on .. ???

  • I do agree with you all guys. they cheated so many people, one of my friend Shakil working as DBA, they fired him, this is not professionalism that you hire people and fire whenever you feel not pretty comfortable with the revenue you generating,

  • Haseeb!

    I know some people working there and also those who have left and beleive me its the nature of CEOs of Inov8 (Hasnain and Bashir Sheikh) that they have lot of pride for their wealth and think like they are feeding this world. Now you know that they are so much scared that they have forced the people working at Inov8 to sign a new contract a few months ago. This new contract is till June 2009 and it says that if employee has to leave Inov8 then he will have to give 3 months notice to them. Is not it strange and mental torture?

  • As an outsider to this industry, I happened upon this thread, and all i can say is WOW! This has to be the most popular discussion thread on this site!!!!! It reads like a drama serial from Zee TV!

    Who are these heroes? After reading all of this, all i can say is that how have they managed to keep going??

    Doom and gloom is now a global phenomena with companies shutting down, layoffs, credit crisis, but after reading this story, no offence to people who have been laid off or left or whatever the case was, i would have to say that I would bet on these guys!!!

    What are the other companies like in this industry and how are they doing?

  • Omar, there are companies doing very well as a matter of fact there are companies hiring vigorously at this time. the innov8 incident is not directly related to the recession, it happened due to a problem with launch of their product and banking regulations.

  • Once again salaries has been delayed at INNOV8 this month. Till this time salaries of April has not been transferred yet. What the hell it is guys…………people staying there are really senseless or really INNOCENT…………poor guys

  • Inov8 Guys, only 1 day is left in the dead line you have give to management when you signed 1 year contract, as according to the verbal commitment you can leave contract if Salaries are late than 12. but the nature of those two sheik’s

    THEY NEVER OWN VERBAL COMMITMENTS and written commitment too

    You should be brave enough and leave this company if you have any option, otherwise you will be in same condition in which some of your colleagues are, they have almost 2 or 3 months salaries pending at Inov8 be brave and take a decision ASAP

  • Hi guys,

    Why dont you use Electronic & Print media to protest against inov8 for ur salaries? I think its a better option.

  • Yes i think its better and effective way. But still i cant understand that how Inov8 is serviving even after making such a big injustice. I think we IT people shoud bycot Inov8 and companies like this.

  • I was going to post an intelligent response to XYZ’s comment from January 22nd, 2009 at 9:37 am. However, I can’ help but respond to crudeness with crudeness. In a nutshell XYZ you are a total piece of shit….a waste of space on Earth, and if I could reach through the computer and beat the crap out of you, I would. Personally knowing both Hasnain and Bashir, I know how hard they work and how dedicated they are to making Inov8 a success. They come from VERY RESPECTABLE families and you XYZ are not even worthy of cleaning the toilets in their homes. None of you people here have any idea what it takes to start a company from scratch and build it into a sustainable profitable company. Anyone who works for Inov8 should thank their lucky stars to work in the presence of Hasnain and Bashir. They are incredibly smart and dedicated and are trying to do good things for pathetic Pakistan. Yes, it sucks that salaries are delayed but eventually things will work themselves out and everything will be ok. The annoying people that complain about delayed salaries should be thankful they have even been hired in the first place to work for such an amazing company. Hasnain and Bashir, keep up the good work….you will see the fruits of your labor very soon. I love you guys.


    Its really shocking to read such a dirty language from you. You are defending a couple of guys about whom you claim that they belong to a very respectable families but which uncivilized and dirty language you are using to defend those respectable people. Now this shows whats your background is. I m not supporting the language used by ‘xyz’ but I can’t expect you either to use same language against the language used by ‘xyz’.
    Yes I know both Hasnain and Bashir are hard working guys but unfortunately they are working only for themselves. If both of those are respectable or at least belong to a respectable families then they must have pay the salaries of those who are no more part of Innov8 because you know that these “Respectable” guys still have not paid salaries of any one left Innov8. Now who cares how miserable time has been spent by the families of those poor guys who worked their for more than 4 months without salaries? That’s not the way to treat the employees by ‘Respectable’ people.
    Now I think they must pay the salaries of their old employees immediately to avoid more ‘RESPECT’.

    ILOVEINOV8: Hope you won’t mind and stop supporting such people at least using such a dirty language

  • Screw Hasnain & Bashir

  • Hello,
    LATEST UPDATES: On Friday the 5th June 2009 there was the hearing of Inov8 case. As usual Inov8 lawyer did not came. Now court has decided that in case Inov8 do not appear on next hearing on 19th June too, then court will make the one sided decision on that day.

  • These people look like shame-less people and they should be punished by the law.I hope the judge order to close this company and put them in jail.

  • ANOTHER LATEST UPDATE: The newly hired Sr. QA resource of Innov8 has left Innov8 last week. He told that he did not know before joining about the nature and deeds of owners and what they have done with their employees and also that few employees have filed case against them. Now Mr. Husnain and Bashir you must realize that money is not every thing for every one . Money is everything for you only ( as you always say that you will offer more money and people will join you)

  • Any update on 19th June hearing …

  • Dil tu karta hai inn donoo Hasnain aur Bashir (CEOs of Inov8) ko Regal Chowk Mall Road par nanga kar key inn ki back par chitar lagoo.

  • Dil khush kar diya hai, HHH tu nain yara….yar in chawaloon kah sath aisa hi hona chayaee

  • As far as I know these people I wont even offer them the job of a sweeper because proud is only for Allah and i hate people who are proud for their wealth and social status.

  • Former Employee

    I worked at Inov8 and left and got all my dues as did most people. Hasnain and Bashir are a gift to this country and industry. Times are tough, and shit happens. So grow up.

    I am sick and tired about reading this shit. To HHH for your unsavory comments, “mera dil kartha hai ke mein tujhe lun doon – woh bhi regal chowk par”. Its parasites like you who have spoilt our IT industry.

    Grow up and get a life all you miserable chooths.

  • wah wah last few comments. Maulana you prickly lepricorn. Get a wife and a life.

    AS kojya kalay tatay – I remember you – teri bund mein sweeper ka lun jaana chahiye – regal chowck par

    Inov8 Rocks.

  • Daikh Former Employee:

    Tu nain tab inov8 chori ho gee jab tere maan ja kar un kah sath soyee ho gee…agar tujhay itni takleef hai tu unsubscribe kar dai….salay court main ja kar daikh kah tere maan kah yaar ka wakeel aata hai kah nahi….mera dil karta hai kah tere maan ko choodoon regal chowk pai

    Salay Haha: Tere bund main laghta hai kah lohay ka danda dala huwa hai kisi nain, jo bohat purakhta hai

  • Hi “Former Employee” and “Haha”:
    You r saying this bcos u have
    1. Not gone through the tough time the employees of innov8 has for more than 4-5 months and the employees terminated by them due to that financial crises are still facing and ooking for their basic right i.e. Salaries of around 4 months. They have nt yet paid a single paisa to those employees
    2. you probably have nt listen the language both Husnain and Bashir (specially Hasnain) use in front of both males and females employees like “Mera kahray hain aur mujhey hee……………….” and “ get ur ass back to ur work” etc etc..

    This is not the way the CEO and President of a compnay shud behave.

    Also at the last every one can understand the nature of both hasnain and bashir by the language their supporters are using (“Former Employee” and “Haha”). So stop using such a dirty and uncivilized language and ask them to pay the salaries of ex-employees. If u cant do this then just keep ur mouth shut.

    I would also ask others to plz comment after getting full info and use civilized words.

  • bush ka baap

    Bush – acha thoo leh kar aaja apni maan – mobile se payment karain ge – teri maan ki phudi mein ghusain ge sab ka lun sirf do rupay fi ghasa aur teri bund mein free

    It’ll be great we can make a payment from the mobile too … Maan chod ke ulad … Apnay baap se tameez se baath karo warna marwa doon ga. Waisay bhi teri maan ne itni phudi de di hai teray yaaron ko keh waqeel nahin tera baap shaid khud paisay de de teri maan ki laini keh liye … Aur too tho waisay bhi us basthi ka hai na gashti basti jahan teri maan sardarni hai … Roti mengi phudi sasthi

  • Himat hai tu samnain aa, shoray ki ulad agar himat hai tu samnain aa aur apna naam sahi likh phir daikh teray sath kya hota hai…..kya tujhay apnain baap ka naam pata hai tu bata zara

  • Osama-

    This is getting ridiculous. Please intervene and moderate.

  • b – I agree – I’ve been away too long and this has gotten out of hand… will turn off commenting on this post

  • Bush ka Baap

    I see now its ok to turn off commenting. Where you guys enjoying the slander for the last few months? Your ethics are in question here as blog holders. Or was it at the behest of a friend – a competitor of inov8.

  • Or its just that I havent really been looking after this site for the past 6 months or so – there are other editors too but you have to remember this gnw has always been a complete community-run initiative… there’s no central authority and fulltime people looking after it.


  • And secondly… it doesn’t matter if you’re raising any questions because fortunately I dont answer to you.


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