ATP sells its soul – Rozee launches Campus Career Portals initiative based on ICT R&D Fund money

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Rozee / Naseeb networks just received Rs.12.19 Million from the ICT R&D Fund to launch a career and alumni management software application that will be offered to universities free of charge.

The web application will contain different modules to allow university career centers to liaison with the industry, track their alumni and more. Based on the vague set of marketing jargon I could find on the web, these are the modules that should be available to each university:

  • Job postings by industry HR managers for students, alumni etc
  • Lets students … er.. create CVs (honestly you had to wade through 2 paragraphs of marketing-speak to find that) – including a brief “graduate synopsis” summary
  • Employers can search for particular skills, or create a graduation book dynamically
  • Alumnis can also … er.. create CVs and update their info (employer details etc).
  • A professional network interface to connect people together
  • Faculty Profiles, Research interests and papers.
  • Internship Portal

So in other words, Rozee just received Rs.12.19M to pretty much take their existing set of tools and tweak them to make a white-labelled hosted solution out of it to offer to 85+ universities in the next 18 months. As you can imagine, white-labeling an existing product is a fairly straightforward task taking no more than a few months.

This also represents growing confusion in the hiring market now because of a sudden abundance of platforms for job placements – from 2-3 to 30+ – which is likely to segment and confuse job seekers as well as complicate life for recruiters.

Brightspyre’s early foray into university-specific job boards is already showing signs of employers being confused about having to manage multiple job boards – add those to PSEB’s recent Internship Portal (also created by Brightspyre) and we can see type of disintegrated and fragmented online future we’re heading towards in the recruitment space.

For more information about this, read the ATP story linked below — though I have to warn you, that story is written by the Marketing Manager at ROZEE and is chock full of sickening marketing jargon — seriously, this jargon is actually worse than the Dilbert Mission Statement Generator – some brilliant quotes from it below.

“…a first-of-its-kind web-based technology has been developed to create a Campus Career Portal.”

The Magic of Technology

As Arthur C. Clarke said,

“any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,”

very effectively empower universities to achieve economy of scale that lowers the cost of higher education for the common man, through effective and revenue-generating linkage between industry and academia. The use of technology consequently enables better placement of jobs for graduates as well as a greater ability to showcase faculty talents to sponsoring industry members.

*GROAN*… how can someone let them butcher Arthur C. Clarke’s vision by linking it to a job portal!?

I’m deeply disappointed at ATP for letting a marketer corrupt their real-estate’s high standard with B.S.

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  • This is crap … Taxpayers money going to complete waste

  • I just saw the coverage of this launch on Samaa TV this weekend and NUST and IBA and FAST rectors praise this website. At the end, underachievers want every positive thing to end. Although if this money comes to you, we would not hear a squeak. Your agenda is quiet apparent, bryghtspier wants to get the money, ask them to apply for it. Give up partisan politics now and just be happy when something good happens. Where is your green and white sprit?

  • i am wondering why rozee is always among followers, not the trend setters?

    University job boards for FAST, GIKI, NUST were launched by brightspyre for the very first time in Pakistan and earlier this year BrightSpyre got the internship portal project from PSEB. Even BrightSpyre has a product line in US with the name of personforce and they are successfully running the job boards for the universities like Standford, Harvard, Cornell, Yale; Moreover running the job board for TechCrunch & Venture Beat…

  • Humera Rizvi

    I saw Samaa show on Rozee as well and rectors and FAST, LUMS, NUST-NIMS, UCP and others all stated that this was an excellent use of funds from ICT. The Federal Minister of IT along with human resource heads from Shell, PTC etc. also expressed strong support of the work that Rozee is doing with universities through this.

    Mr. Osama, you must be far more intelligent than all of these highly respected people from academia, industry and government combined to have such a different opinion.

    This program will allow students from remote universities to get equal access to jobs that students from the larger schools typically only get. The software customizations developed by Rozee are the property of ICT, not Rozee. You failed to mention this.

    Please stop the negative propoganda and do your homework before writing factually incorrect articles. It’s you that is causing confusion with incorrect information, not competition amongst different job portals which is healthy. The terms “groan”, “marketing B.S.”, “sell out”, etc. show your lack of maturity and bitterness. Please, inspire us with something interesting and truthful so you can once again rebuild lost readership on this website which has frankly become nothing more than a tabloid for your personal vendettas.

    I say kudos to Rozee, BrightSpyre and the 30 other job portals for their creativity, hard work and vision.

  • another garbage post frm green n white… *yawn*

  • This article is questioning the editorial wisdom of Adil Najam from ATP, who is a nobel prize winner and a national treasure. See this link for more on Adil:

    I find this criticism kind of funny coming from someone like Osama Hashmi who is in dire need of prozac. Cheer up buddy!

  • I personally found the post at ATP to be more of an infomercial than the kind of posts one usually sees over there. I hope I don’t have to read any more of these in the future.

  • GnW is infomercial too. Many ads now all over site now *part of this comment moderated*. ATP is much better site I think with more intelligent and honest article.!

  • Lol.. oh man this is exactly one of the trends I’m worried about.

    So ok… the argument of most of you here is — just because you heard person X say this is a good thing when put on the spot on national TV, then it MUST be good?!

    Come on, guys. No seriously, come on!

    Frankly it doesnt matter how good or bad the initiative actually is – the issue I have is that we the people were never given the choice of forming an opinion about it.

    I live with a world view that marketing hyperbole needs to be justified – you cant claim to be aiming to cure cancer, fight global warming and end wars on Earth if you’re just launching an auctioning platform.

    You cant talk about reinventing sidewalks, roads and the transportation network when you’re launching the segway.

    And you cant say you’ve invented a new type of web technology if you’re just making a fancier job board.

    People who push hyperbole onto me sound patronizing – like they’re insulting my ability to rationalize value for myself.

    Its probably, like, dumb, but I prefer people just explaining what they’re doing give other human beings the freedom of judging their work for themselves.

    Oh, and YAY PAKISTANIAT.COM … YAY…. we MUST all defend it blindly, how dare someone say something rational?

    What Adil’s done with Pakistaniat is indeed impressive – their editors maintain a niche writing standard that cuts through reality distortion to provide an unadulterated view of the world.

    Thats why I’m surprised to see hyperbole flowing through that platform of purity – so yes Babar, I am questioning the editorial wisdom of Adil Najam who happened to (in this case) allow someone to paste in a press release full of absurd abstract statements of the future of the hiring market.

    My ability to question the rationale of something is a right that people like Adil Najam and Awab Alvi fight to promote and protect. Its called freedom of thought and the ability to congregate and engage in intellectual discourse.

    Hmm – so the strange thing is that you all would blindly protect Dr. Adil Najam but not the principles for which he stands for?


    (P.s. … BOO Gnw boooo…. they think too much… they expect reasons… they must be bad…)

  • I honestly feel this is the wrong way to go about recruiting kids from universities.

    The government should pump money in dedicated HR agencies who interview, rate and forward to the specific industry.

    Rozee is so bad that it makes me hurl. Ofcourse its great to advertise your brand on it, but to recruit from them is like shooting yourself in the foot.

    And Osama this is exactly my point, there is no passion. If the people running this project were passionate they would set-up a process unfortunatly because there all after the cash, we will end up having a site that is 5% effective and 95% waste of internet bandwidth.

    Think about it, would you rather interview every single candidate yourself, screen them yourself or would you prefer having an agency do it, who are qualified professionals, understand the industry, have a background in the industry and most importantly know what your requirement is.

    There is an old proverb, can’t remember by who.

    “failing to plan, is planning to fail”

  • tiberius gracchus

    Whoa- talk about not having a point.

    The technical aspects of the rozee-ICT venture have been well covered above by rizvi. Therefore I won’t point out that the “tax payers'” money is being utilized for a purpose that clearly has merit.

    What really is upsetting about this thread is that it reflects a mindset that has for long kept Pakistanis behind everyone else. Clearly Rozee has done something useful for the country and instead of appreciating it, our proud Green and white champion has tried to bring it down with the “tax payer” argument. Funny we don’t see any blogs from you when new planes are bought on the tax payer’s money. And one very important question: are you even a tax payer in the territories of Pakistan? I am and I aint got no problem with my tax money going to a worthwhile project like this.

    But we Pakistanis have our own grudges. My guess is that the author of this libelous piece has a bone to pick with either ATP or And for this bone he would rather nobody ever did anything at all.
    I’d rather you just thanked the good folk over at rozee and take a chill pill.

    And the folks at rozee should seriously take legal advice because this is an easily winnable case in any jurisdiction.

  • tiberius gracchus

    Asif said,

    Are you by any chance the same Asif from brightspyre ?

  • tiberius,

    Easily winnable? hmm… except for the fact that I’m not actually saying anything bad about the initiative, just their marketing hyperbole.

  • Also, itd be good generally if you actually read the comments to notice that no one (except one comments) is making the tax-payer argument.

    I’m just saying describe the venture as it is – stop hyping it up to make us believe petrol prices will come down because of this venture too.

  • Woah. What happened here?

    I’m a regular reader. I don’t normally comment, but I will today, and before I do I’ll add some context:

    [1] I can’t see how Osama is promoting BrightSpyre
    [2] I can’t see how anyone can deduce that Osama has a ‘personal’ grudge against Rozee
    [3] We all have the right to our opinion, yes, even Osama!
    [4] We all have the duty to be respectful to each other

    The reason for this post, it seems, was because Osama felt strongly that the benefits of the project as described in the ATP article seem exaggerated, and I agree. That does not mean that I would not like to see Naseeb create a fantastic product – it’s just unlikely given the confused description. is a highly successful business venture, but I don’t think it’s a good product even though I’m a technologist and a professional recruiter. I have the right to say that, and I hope that the 12 million rupees will be put to good use by the Naseeb team, and I wish them well. If the article in ATP is anything to go by, I think, and Osama may agree, that there is significant room for improvement in their plans and maybe a constructive discussion at G&W could help identify some flaws. They should be reading this to understand what they’re doing wrong, and maybe they already are…

    I can’t understand the fuss? This is not about politics, it’s about technology. And if some well-known personalities support the project, so what? Maybe they know better than you or me, and you know what… maybe they don’t! I should be brave enough to think and reason and challenge conventions when needed. Now isn’t that what innovation is all about?

    G&W helps me stay informed about the tech community in Pakistan, and the author gives me the opportunity to agree or disagree with his opinions. I respect that. If I don’t like what I see, I leave. If you have something to contribute, please do, because it helps us all think better. But please, be respectful.

  • Good points Mahmood. Lets take a deep breath here.

    I have written for ATP a few times but I don’t agree with every post there. This one was a mistake in my opinion. (Please note that the comment above is from a different Babar).

    It is important to keep in mind that Adil Najam does not approve or reject each post – there are other editors who run ATP on a daily basis. And all of them – like us – are professionals with busy jobs. Mistakes in judgement do happen and we should catch them … there is no individual, blog or company which is beyond criticism.

  • Mr. Osama, you are very confused. First you say that you are upset at ICT for giving this project funds that will give students from rural areas equal access to opportunities through the web. Than you say you are actually upset because of the marketing hyperbole. Then you say that, no, you are angry with ATP for publishing this as a noble project. But yet you are also angry that there is competition which actually creates more options and opportunity. I think you are just very angry in general.

    Need a hug?

  • Three things:

    First thing, everybody has a right to his / her opinion. Osama is against the award, others are for it, more power to both sides. My issue is, why shouldn’t Osama write his opinion, what is wrong with someone expressing his feelings about a / any initiative. If I am against an initiative (initiative NOT the person promoting that initiative), I will try to CONVINCE others by providing facts / figures and bring them over to my view point (this is called democracy).

    Second, as someone who has tried to hire people and has talked to people, who are desperately looking for good people. I am all for Job Boards / Recruiting Agencies etc. I still wish MY University would set up a Career Office (I studied from a not so enlightened University) and would love it, if Rozee sets up Boards for smaller Universities. If that is with support of ICT, then good for them.

    Third, I am against BOTH Rozee & Brightspyre, as I believe that, they do not do a very good job of finding & recommending good people (This is my opinion based on my experiences) and do not provide value for the money.

  • Humera Rizvi

    Maybe I am a bit biased because I found my most recent job through Rozee after spending two years working for a horrible employer. I doubled my salary, have a great boss and co-workers and yes I am happy. I feel that I owe a bit of that happiness to Rozee.

    The point is Mr. Osama that your articles are filled with half truths and are not well researched. For example, did you contact Rozee to really understand the initiative before your knee jerk triade slamming ATP, ICT R&D Fund, Minister of IT, Rectors from IBA, FAST, LUMS, NUST and HR managers from some of Pakistan’s largest companies for supporting the initiative?

    Is it not possible that you may have missed some very critical aspects of the project? Please do your homework before pouncing on your keyboard. Poor reporting puts your credibility and the credibility of this site in doubt.

    Also on a constructive note, you may wish to re-explore your writing style and tone. Using groans and melodrammatic language (sell-out, B.S.) makes you come across as a whining teenager.

  • Javaid Ghani

    *part of this comment moderated*
    Mr. Osama, please maintain the ethical standards that you have so passionately been writing about in previous posts.

  • Whistle-blower

    Dear Ossama,

    Is it true that you had contacted the CEO of Naseeb Network with some sort of a proposal and he turned you down? Is that why your standard for this being a worthwhile project is that it should bring down the petrol prices or else it is worthless?

    *Rest of the comment moderated*

  • Oh wow! Wait a minute, didn’t you Osama just get hit by a train consisting of employees of! oops! Hey my condolences! I had no idea that lately companies are paying their staff to troll internet and if anywhere they find anything against their company just simply spread rampage all over the place! Good, I am going to tell my staff the same in next meeting in short while!

    Anyway back to the point! Govt has just once again wasted 12 million Rupees which most probably many of us payed as tax for a thing which was already there and most probably all Rozee had to do was change the logo, maybe the css sheet behind it and that’s its! Its a shame that Govt can be fooled so easily! But what ever, that’s the way we earn our extra money off the Govt, right!

    Talking about usability of the service this will be in the end? How will it benefit anyone other than a NUST, GIKI, UET students? I sort of fail to understand the purpose anyway – they were getting jobs already by simply applying on the main website!

  • Osama after reading the last comment before my recent post another question!

    How dare you insult! Do you work for Indian RAW?

  • Whistle-blower


    Why is it that is number 1 and brightspyre no. 5 in terms of Pakistani job sites if they are so technically advanced etc etc?

  • See didn’t I mention a train full of Rozee employees!

  • Whistle-blower


    I certainly am not even remotely connected to in any employment capacity – I am ready to sign an affidavit to that effect. I am however a regular user and like rizvi above, I owe my current job to

    But how is Brightspyre treating you these days?

  • Whistle-blower,

    the sort of “enthusiasm” I am seeing from some people including you sort of makes me even doubt the signed affidavit!

    But ok trusting your words…I use’s paid services to search for employees every now and then!

    Brightspyre, I have yet to even visit that website 😛

    *Rest of the comment moderated – unobjective deduction about Rozee and this initiative*

  • tiberius gracchus

    Me neither. I am an advocate of the high courts of Pakistan, enrolled with the Punjab Bar Council.

    I too am ready to sign a sworn affidavit to the effect that I am not a rozee employee.


  • what has the world come up to! 😀

  • Javaid Ghani

    Ujmi, why do you think it’s simply a css and logo change? It looks like a *completely* separate product. The features described are not features of Rozee. It does not sound easy going to 85 different univesities in remote areas, collecting their data and integrating their uniquely separate workflows into a centralized architecture. Any systems integration expert can tell you what a big task this is. Please check facts. Why not simply ask Rozee?

    *Rest of the comment moderated*

  • Mahmood, Babar Bhatti, Kamran, Humera: Thanks for putting a constructive spin on this. Good points and Humera points taken. Generally though Humera, understanding media and PR would tell that ‘support’ is a very relative term.

    As Kamran said, lets hope that the initiative does make a long-term lasting impact – trust me I need it to work as much as others. We’ll just see in 18 months.

    Ujmi: lol – dont give the trolls more food

    Trolls: Where can you deduce that I’m promoting a competitor? If its any consolation, I criticize all job boards equally (try clicking on the HR & Admin sectino and going back in time). The only online recruitment product I liked was JustMeans, and they operate in the US mostly.

  • Dear Osama,

    I would like to comment as an alumnus of one of these “prestigious” universities whose career portal is being built by Rozee. In addition to being an alumnus, I also would like to weigh-in as an employer who has sought to hire his alma-matter, among other candidates.

    With all due respect, Osama, your comment about the job space becoming confusing due to inundation of job sites is, shall we say, flimsy. All these universities whose portal Rozee is embarking upon designing already have a web site that is severely lacking in more than one places. Without being biased, my new university career site (created by Rozee) is easy to use and extremely efficient. It does what I want as an employer. I can search CVs and I can post jobs. Something that was not present before.

    Another argument about Rozee is the money they are getting from ICT. Okay! Let’s assume that RS. 12M is a lot, but then who defines the right price? I say, let the market forces and the need define the price for a product. If Rozee made a case to put a certain price tag on a implementation of a product and ICT approved it, why is it a problem. Why are we as technologists and businessmen being short-sighted?

    If I recall from the article, the charge is not simply for creating the product; it is for implementing, marketing, catering to needs of 85 universities Pakistan-wide, ensuring that it gets used and more. From the sound of it, it is not a 1-man job. In any case, crying foul about a price-tag without any competing product is simply unfair and shallow.

    ATP sold its soul? Pulleeze! Can we be more dramatic here! The “editorial” mistake – and that is what it is, a mistake – they made was that they should have included a line at the end of the article saying the writer is a marketing manager (if that is what this person is) at Rozee. Her fault is that she is reporting a major event in Islamabad where VCs and Rectors of renowned Pakistani schools were present. Personally, I am tired of reading about bombs and load-shedding — although as a concerned Pakistani citizen, not a day goes by when I don’t keep myself apprised of the situation in my country — it is a healthy change to also read about progress being made.

    So, I am sorry, but I do not find this article objective. I think the argument made by the author create a foundation that is shaky.

  • tiberius gracchus

    I suppose mudassar will be denounced as another troll now.

  • Whistle-blower


    My enthusiasm is directly proportional to my disgust at Pakistanis trying to pull the rug from underneath other Pakistanis for selfish and foolish reasons. Kapeesh?

    This McCarthyism that people like you indulge in is harmful for the country.

  • tiberius gracchus

    Well said whistle blower.

  • Guys,

    If 12.19 Million Rs and 85 Universities figure is correct, then it comes to 143,412 Rs approx Per University.

    I would be interested in how much time & money Rozee spends on each University and does the University say that, value for money was delivered? Second, how much Rozee ends up spending on each portal?

    An admission, I have never met Osama or even talked to him (did exchange 5-6 emails with him, as I wanted to write a few articles on marketing). With this out in the open, I have the following comment:
    “If Osama did take money to write a bad article about this initiative, then it was short term thinking. I do not believe that, any blogger, who wants respect would stoop to such low heights. How much money could Osama have charged 100K – 200K ok, make it a Million. But how much would he lose by accepting this? People in market do find out, if you are willing to sell yourself and a lot of doors are closed, which would otherwise be open”.

  • Guys, this ludacrous suggestion that I take money for my stories is getting out of line.

    This is infact the definition of trolling which is a personal attack on someone else’s reputation by suggesting he’s corrupt – you’re using my name here.

    Our sponsors are Intel, Symantec, Neilsens, Zigron, Clickclick ones (lums, nestle etc.) and I dont see any conflict of interest there.

    I’m going to start moderating anyone suggesting that again.

  • No i’m not Asif from BrightSpyre.

    The project might be technically sound. However as I mentioned the process in my opinion is wrong.

    Company X has operations through-out pakistan, its a SME that does a revenue of 16 million PKR a year. The SME is in expansion mode and constantly opening new businesses.

    The CEO of the company is already quite busy in setting up and moving his company forward.

    He needs more manpower, marketing managers, brand managers, software engineers etc.

    He places an ad on for all three positions. He gets over 300 e-mails. The CEO has to go through 300 e-mails. has no verification system in place whether the candidate is actually qualified or not. No background checks, nada.

    If the powers in powere were interested in helping universities help their students land good jobs, they should have and again this is my opinion opened or funded HR agencies that support the industry, interview the candidate and forward them directly to the company they feel the candidate is best suited for.

    12.9 million PKR is a lot of money, will that 12.9 million pkr actually help the students in finding the right jobs. Is that 12.9 million the most efficient way to bridge the gap between the universities & the industry? That is the question one must ask oneself.

    So the question is not about technology, its the “investment” that was made. Rozee by itself might be fantastic, but is it right for the industry.

    Osama is entitled to his own opinion and his own analysis. This might not represent everyone’s views but it represents his view and his sites perspective. Not everything is about grudes, revenge. There are some great articles here, however not everyone finds them great. “opinion” is the key word.

  • And for the record – I make enough as a consultant to have run GnW without sponsors for over a year. Money isnt an incentive to get up in the morning or do anything for me.

  • Mudassar: good points – I respect your disagreement

  • Whistle-blower

    PS: I am still waiting for you provide evidence (IP Addresses etc) for your claims that I am or anyone else is a Rozee employee and we are “trolling” here.

  • Osama,

    Most of the comments made against you were made by nameless people. If they are really so sure, then why didn’t they use their own names?

    Second, a request, let them have their say. They have a right to their opinion, whatever it maybe.

    Finally, for the record, my full name is Kamran Niazi, I work as a Financial Analyst at a Non Profit ( If I sound like Osama, then I cannot help it, that is the way, I write.

  • itiberius gracchus

    Hey usama dude why are you taking out posts that are critical of your article?

  • itiberius – I’m moderating comments with ludacrious suggestions of corruption – or generally anything unobjective, even if its against Rozee or someone else.

    Anyone’s opinions about the Article itself is intact.

    Please know the difference.

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    CCP Gives Guidelines Against Telecom Companies’ Deceptive Marketing

    If only were there two things when it comes to the law, firstly the fear of breaking it and by passing the legal authority, and secondly, implementation of the law given full dedication, there would have been less competency and dishonesty in business and society. However, keeping good faith, the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has put forward “Deceptive Marketing Guidelines” which will maintain the Section 10 of the Competition Act, 2010. In order to enforce this part of the law and stop anti-competitive conduct on part of the telecom companies in advertising, the guidelines have been shared with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and other concerned telecommunication sector members, in …

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