Wateen’s Triple Play and Wimax launched in DHA Lahore on limited testing basis

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Wateen is apparently launching a limited public “beta test” of their triple-play and WiMax services.

From what I gather from their website and TV tickers, here are the details.

  • Voice and Video Calls
  • 2 Mbps uncapped internet
  • Digital TV with Pay-per-view movies
  • Price Point — last I heard it was around Rs.500/mo.

The CPE details are vague, but Wateen is using Fibre-to-the-curb in DHA and a Motorola Canopy WiMax equipment, so I’d say it is going to be cheaper than the Rs.30k Fibre Router provided by Nayatel.

Interesting, but no time for analysis yet — one of my draft stories was going to talk about this before it launched, but well it has.

If anyone gets the chance to test out this service, give me a comment — I believe Qazi (one of the readers) lives there?

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  • Just to differentiate between WiMaX and Triple Play Service Project…

    Wateen is operating on two platforms wired and wireless. Wired network involves fiber in the core and coaxial cable at customer premises. You can also call this as HFC ‘Hybrid Fiber Coaxial’ Platform. Wireless involves fiber in the core and wireless towers that route data to wireless modems at customer premises; also known as WiMAX. So, firstly there are two platforms HFC and WiMAX.

    On HFC, you can access cable TV, Broadband Internet and Telephony services making it a Triple Play Service Offering. Since HFC network is available only in DHA, Lahore; so Triple Play Services are only available in this part of the region.

    On WiMAX, you can access Broadband Internet and Telephony only; hence making it a dual play service offering. WiMAX services are available nationwide. But a customer needs to be in a certain signal range to avail the WiMAX services.

    The Internet speeds offered currently by them are 128 Kbps to 512 Kbps. However, WiMAX tech. allows connection upto 2 Mbps, in contrast to HFC which allows connection upto 6 Mbps or more. I believe the momemtum in the market is shifting towards higher speeds and soon we will see telcos coming up with 2 or 3 Mbps connections.

    As for telephony, except for Ufone incoming calls from all other operators are operational. However, since mobile operators have increasing number extensions i.e. 0300, 0301; there might be issues still pending.

    As for cable, only analog TV services are available as for now. Pay-per-View, digital TV, Video on Demand etc services will be available only when Digital TV services will come online. And it seems that Wateen will go ahead with expanding analog service first before taking any major step ahead with digital; since it involves high setup costs.

    WiMAX packages have been available since December, and have been subject to change from time to time. Since the tech. is relatively new and in stage of infancy, wimax modems are very expensive; somewhere in the range of $250-$350. Under these circumstances, it becomes a hugh challenge for WiMAX to be successful in a country like Pakistan where average revenue per user (ARPU) is less than $8 per month for Internet. The only way to penetrate is to subsidize the modem device to customer, which by the looks of their offering seems true!

    HFC services have been on testing basis since May and word has it that they will start charging their customers in the upcoming months. So far, there hasnt been any tariff information coming from Wateen. So lets keep our fingers crossed…

    They have a tough journey ahead in DHA… keeping in view Worldcall Price Slashes and Decling After Sale Support Satisfaction level of customers….

  • Ahmad (If i deciphered your name correctly) that was an excellent analysis

  • Whats Wateen’s take on torrents?

  • hmm some one had an email address from wateen rep which was working, maybe that gentleman can send him link of this post so he can come here and present his part of picture

  • Wateen’s service area coverage is far too slow even in DHA, I live in D block and cant see any progress at all apart from some boxes and plastic pipes which were laid there few (quite a few) months back.

    One interesting thing happened yesterday. I received a phone call from wateen rep telling me that since i registered at their website a while back so i qualify for Rs 3000 discount on WiMax package. I told that lady that I live in DHA and am interested in triple play service. She told me that this triple play service will be closed down in future and only WiMax service will be available from Wateen. Well it sure was a shocker for me and I asked her again about this and asked how come wateen spent so much money laying cables and stuff if this service is not going to be continued in future!!! Well she didnt gave me a clear cut reply but again reiterated that only WiMax will be available.
    My personal take is that since she was only sale rep who didn’t knew much about operations. Any one else had this experience??

  • Still not sure about the tariffs but do want to note that the Wateen reps came and had me sign a new signup form.

    My service is finally working. Miraculously it started working Feb 1, the day they start charging for it. What I am upset about is the problem was easily fixable but they refused to do it before this time and kept lying to me again and again all these months.

    On a side note, hear Orascom (Mobilink parent) are now offering DSL service as well (called LinkDotNet. They are advertising the following packages:
    256 Kbps UnLimited Rs.1200
    512 Kbps UnLimited Rs.2000
    1 Mbps UnLimited Rs.3900
    (Modem and Installation are included)

    Don’t know how good their service is but it is good to know there is yet another option just in case. Anyone here happen to try it?

  • P.S. Looking at LinkDotNet, I see:
    “In June 2007, LINKdotNET successfully acquired and merged WOL TELECOM and DANCOM ONLINE to become the largest Internet & Data Solution provider in Pakistan.”

    This leads me to ask we getting an improved product or just a re-branded package????

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  • Major problems with Wateen – why you shouldnt just go get connected straight away!!

    Places other than Defence Lahore you need Wateens Wimax to get connected , For which you need to pay a hefty amount for the modem and post dated checks – which sums up to a considerable amound and the post dated cheques make sure that you’re stuck with wateen no matter what happens with them in times to come – in a country like ours everything can go wrong the new government can ban wateen !!!

    Using wateen through cable – which makes the most sense (tripple play package for defence) as you can use the same cable for tv and telephone is what one seems to find economical / most worth it , but this too comes with its own package of downsides / problems / no to appealing feature . The most horrible one being the downloading limits on all of their packages for internet – the most you can download with a domestic connection is 10gb which makes having the broadband connection totally worthless!! you might as well browse pages with dialup than pay for wateen and get stuck on 10 gb.. and the sum you have to pay goes up quite a lot when it comes to getting that 10 gb with a decent downloading speed (3,000 .. a rough estimate for defence …cable service not wimax .. wimax is just trouble like I said earlier)

    to cut the long story short .. wateen would not be as much fun when it will come to paying for it with the downloading limits high price tag on wimax modems , and with alternatives in town now LINKDOTNEt which are advertising no limit packages (no caps) wateen has begun to sound very unempresssive!! If you are thinking you can make up for these short comings of wateen with their telephony services which is relatively cheap .. well thts not even that straight forward using a new number is just a hassel and on cable modem(defence wateen) there is a slight hum and there is no CLI on wateen and with ptcl slashing down their rates tremendously by the day, not to mention coming up with a decent DSL package as well – wateen tends to sound even more unimpressive!!!

    Long story shor – internet revolution is still to come in pakistan .. wateen just hasnt done it as yet!!

  • Well the tariffs are finally announced for the service in DHA Lahore:
    Triple Play Packages:
    Crystal package = Rs. 850

    — Cable TV
    — Internet (256 Kbps, 2 GB)
    — Telephony EverGreen Line Rent
    Diamond package = Rs. 1,350
    — Cable TV
    — Internet (512 Kbps, 4 GB)
    — Telephony EverGreen Line Rent
    Upgrade Internet download volume @ Rs. 200 per GB (Max 10GB)
    (Modem: Purchase Rs 4,999 or Rent Rs.149/month)

    Make your own Bundle
    Classic Green: 0 Line rent 0.60 per 30 sec call
    Go Green: Rs.90 Line rent 0.50 per 30 sec call
    EverGreen Green: Rs.150 Line rent 0.40 per 30 sec call
    Go Green: Rs.270 Line rent Wateen to Wateen free, others 0.40 per 30 sec call

    90 Channels for Rs. 350 per month

    Vol 128Kbps 256Kbps 512Kbps
    1GB 250 350 450
    2GB 450 550 650
    3GB 650 750 850
    4GB 850 950 1,050
    5GB 1,050 1,150 1,250
    6GB 1,250 1,350 1,450
    7GB 1,450 1,550 1,650
    8GB 1,650 1,750 1,850
    9GB 1,850 1,950 2,050
    10GB 2,050 2,150 2,350

    Installation: Rs.999 for new customers
    Security Deposit: Rs.500

    So basically if you don’t want the telephony service I have to pay more (Make your own bundle) What a selling point :)

    Crystal package is certainly reasonable but the 2GB limit a bit low and I feel the 200 per GB rate is a bit high. I am not sure how it is going to be implemented. Seems when I hit the monthly limit i won’t be able to use my connection. I hope i am wrong and they let me continue using the connection and bill be for the next GB. I certainly don’t want to sign up for extra GB’s just in case I go over the limit. I also hope the user page shows the download numbers for the month so I can pace myself and am not left with a connection i cannot use say for a week or two just cause I hit the 2GB limit….

  • In one word the new Wateen packages are crap! They are an insult to broadband interent. I would never spend my hard earned money on a crappy wateen connection with so many caps and what not! If you find comfort in using this crapy service in any way do let me know you’ll be doing me a great favour, as I surely cant see these money hogs do such injustice to my earnings!

  • LinkDOTNetUser

    Just thought I’d give an account of our experience with LinkDOTNet.
    This is for Karachi, and the 256k DSL package (apparently).

    We registered online, giving our name, number, and address, and within a few days, got a call from somebody. A few days later somebody came over and collected the Rs. 1,200. Because of the weekend and some holidays, we didn’t actually get installation until about a week later.

    The guy who came to install it was…not smart. He was coached through the procedure through the phone and even then he had no idea what he was doing. Thankfully, it wasn’t hard to finish ourselves what he’d started and he quickly left. One thing to note, though, is that he gave us a 26mbps router…

    Another bonus is that for the first week, the speeds we were getting were sometimes in excess of 200kBYTES/s and on average way higher than 100kB. 256kbps shouldn’t go much higher than 40kB, right? However, the service went down for a while yesterday, and when we called, we got a response relatively quickly that the service was being fixed. It started working again in several hours, but much slower, at the rate it was supposed to. I guess they’d probably given us too much the first week and only later rectified the situation.

    Still, it seems to be relatively reliable, and very close to 256kbps speeds, and the unlimited part is heavenly. I hope as more users get added it won’t slow down.


  • there should have been preemtive strikes against them way before their launch their internets sucks to tht extend

  • Someone sure had a bad day!

    One Question though WateenUser – why do you continue using them then?

  • maybe because i paid for it , and you cant really use it , its like an abuse to boadband, using it just to browse pages, so not worth the seemingly lower wateen prices, its a major rip off/disrespect to ones hard earned money!

  • im using wateen , to make surre no one else makes this mistake and has to go through such an agony..such disabled interent, such a disgrace to broadband , such a mockery made out of us ,unquestioning customers.

  • Wateen Newbie

    I live in Islamabad, and as of late my parents have really been sold on the call rates Wateen is offering through these packages.

    So we figured we should give it a try. Its been two days so far since we handed over the checks and advance deposit. (Rs. 3000 for the CPE and 12 checks for 1350)–Evergreen unlimited.

    Of course it seems right off the bat that the sales people are not in sync with what marketing is trying to push out the door so quickly.

    I’ve signed up for the VOIP and i figure i’ll make up my mind in the first month or so on whether i want to continue with it.

    Otherwise its Micronet + a Vonage box on some port that hasn’t been closed :)

  • Wateen really suck, their Voip is just a major cover up they use for their awfully useless internet… so dont come under the impression tht ur getting to make cheap phone calls, u can use ptcl instead and u’ll still be paying way lesser to call any where…..

  • you cant even view youtube on wateen any more!!
    wateen can blow me now
    wateen .. getting useless by the day!!

  • Wateen Newbie

    Okay so the update on my side is that the field team came in to deploy the device. They were quite all right.

    The only this is that i could only use the device when my login id had been provided to me (that took another 4 days).

    And i’m expecting to receive my phone activation details today. Like i said i already have a micronet dsl connection at home. We signed up for this package because the telephony package they are offering suited our needs.

    However the internet hasn’t been functioning that great so far. Yesterday i couldn’t access youtube, reader.google.com and wired.com. Even npr.org wasn’t coming up!!

    So i called up the customer support and the rep was pretty sure that youtube had been blocked all across pakistan (ha!). I think there was a youtube outage but it happened like a month ago!! I double checked with my micronet connection later to confirm that there is no youtube blockage in pakistan!!

    So i’ve lodged a complaint and hopefully a get a field crew at my place today to look at this issue. Somethings defenitely a miss!

    Will post details as things progress. I figure i’ll give wateen a month to smooth out these glitches.

    If i experience inconsistent service i probably will discontinue my service and just continue with micronet.

    But fingers crossed 😀

    PS: another friend of mine who lives in the same area as me isn’t experiencing the youtube problem so maybe its just something unique to my wimax device.

  • Wateen Newbie

    Okay, it took another 2 days to get things up and running. Unfortunately the sales person who sold the whole package to me couldn’t get much done saying it wasn’t in his hands.

    So in the end i had to go through my father’s contact and ended up with an audience with the local branch manager. I had to take my device in since they said they would ‘re-install’ software on it. I wondered why they had bothered to install it in the first place if the right software wasn’t there to begin with.

    The phone is working fine, we have made calls to singapore, canada and USA (UK too). The voice quality is fine from what i’ve heard my family tell me.

    The internet experience has been flaky at times. Reader.google.com wasn’t coming up until late last night.

    Youtube is still blocked :P. What joy does a 512k connection give me if i can’t enjoy videos!! I even mentioned this to the branch manager and he was as bewildered as the customer care rep i spoke with last week.

    Its like Wateen lives in a different Pakistan or something. Or some dumb IT guy forgot to disable the block 2-3 weeks ago.

    Because i had to take action myself and take the device to the local office for fixing, i give the wateen customer experience a C grade.

    The complaint number i have is useless since i haven’t heard from any team of technicians who would like to address it. Although my net browsing is fine on day one, the youtube thing is such a drag.

    Another thing i’m going to look into is that how come i have to keep logging in with my wateen account to keep the wimax device online. Its like whichever computer i use at home i’ve had to login to my wateen account to enable net browsing after an hour or so. I have had to do this thrice last night. I think i could find a work around if i look hard enough.

    So far so good, the parents are happy and the browsing with the above exceptions is fine too. But it took some trouble getting to this point.

  • i am a student from gift university we r doing a business plan over WATEEN’s project which it has initiated in DHA lahore So i find according to people’s suggestions that WAtEEN is facing problem in connection in DHA lahore so they have to be quick in resolving issues people in to make better image in next target markets which they r focusing on.

  • wateen ki security ziada hai aur net ki downloading unlimited nahi hai.agar yeh unlimited ho gayay to is say best company hi na hoo. ADEEL RIAZ. KALUPURA ROAD .GUJRAT

  • Wateen User

    When you buy the connection, sale guys will tell you that we give the speed of 512Kbps. Thats a big lie, because my speed rarely ever exceeds 20KBps. And when i called helpline, i was told by Customer service officer that 512KBps is shared with 4 people in your locality. This was something new, which was never told to me before. So in a way i am paying around 2,000Rs/month for 128Kbps with limited download. And once you exceed that download limit, they charge you heavily for any exta MBs of download.

  • 20KBps on a 512Kbps connection? Consider yourself lucky! I am getting 8KBps(=64Kbps)on a 1 Mbps(=128KBps) WiMax connection — and funny thing is even on that low speed somehow I manage to hit the 4 GB download limit WITHOUT downloading anything. Funny, isn’t it?

    Note: At my 256Kbps connection at home (cable connection in DHA) luckily I am getting the speed as advertised. But their WiMax sure as hell SUCKS!!! I thought WiMax would be more reliable but besides the sorry speed (the modem though is showing a great connection with all signal strength LEDs lit up), it also keeps dropping the connection many times a day.

  • wateen rocks better than all

  • wateen is the worst:(((((((
    koi mujh say poche??

  • it is worst for those people who are not in its coverage and have bought it!!

    im a user of Wateen Wimax and Telephony, i think its the best ever in PAKISTAN!!! i used Ptcl dsl also.. but not impressive!! what more can u expect than 140kbps speed on 1 mb connection?? theres no competitor of wateen rite now.. DSL is DSL… WIMAX is Wireless… i can see the future of Wateen is GREEN! :)

  • I have recently obtained the wateen connection and so far as concern its benifits,it is very good service but downloading and browsing are limited with 4 gb package like me Rs.599/- per month and it is very costly as the provided limited accedes much in few days in eye twinkle due to dowon loading and waching of any clips on you tube or free movies.The conectin holders financed dreadly,it is un juctice.Down loading should be un limited, so the subscriber may benifit more and more.

  • With so many hidden charges inflating my bills every month, I couldn’t differentiate one internet service provider from another until I joined Wateen WiMAX. Get this…5 GB of space with 256 kpbs connectivity at only Rs.500 per month and a telephony tariff of only Rs.90 per month…It gets only better with the special EID offer with unlimited net surfing and downloading, international and local calling all for free from Dec. 8th to midnight Dec. 10th….Wateen will truly keep me connected with family and friends this Eid!!

  • I had a wateen cable internet as well. Looks pretty attractive but when you get it, then real picture shows. Due to capped downloading, you are charged more than monthly bill. It is understood that whatever you access on the net, it is saved in temporary memory and then displayed. So every kb is included in your downloading limit and you suffer.

    New way of looting.

  • Guys why don’t you try outdoor unit, (you will have to insist on that) get it installed and I guarantee you will notice better service (if not the best), I did that a few months ego and pretty satisfied now. Most of the problems are due to poor coverage I believe. However, Wateen Prepaid platform is mess as ever.

  • Well Effan ,

    Kindly confirm what issues you are facing from Prepaid Platform?


  • Sher Khan 03458340239

    Can anyone tell me plz what is downloading speed of wateen 5GB tarrif with 512kbps speed?
    i m using 10GB Tarrif with 1MB speed which gives me 35 to 50kbps downloading speed. now i want to convert my package to the wateen unlimited downloading with 512kbps speed.
    Plz just tell me what downloading speed u get on ur 512kbps speed?
    Plz send me sms on my mobile number 03458340239.
    thanks bye

  • Mian Asif Iqbal

    I am extremely disappointed with wateen services at Phase V, DHA Lahore. No TV cable connection is provided & wimax is alos not avialble

    DHA must take action as wateen as monolopy in Phsae V


    0334 6500249

  • Mian Asif Iqbal

    I am extremely disappointed with wateen services at Phase V, DHA Lahore. No TV cable connection is provided & wimax is alos not avialble

    DHA must take action as wateen has monolopy in Phsae V


    0334 6500249

  • Please let me know abt wateen coverage & downloading speed in Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block-13,Karachi..

  • I m intrested in purchasing Wateen UPS. is there anybody who is the user of wateen’s ups and let me know its working?

  • Off the top of my head, I read first few comments then it started straining my eyes, anyway, I wish to have little more “Useful” login screen, if they insist on login after 12hrs or so, wouldn’t you agree, maybe something like;
    what do you guyz think!?

  • I am a Sales Executive from WATEEN.
    If anyone wants a WATEEN connection please do call me on this number..
    0303 4285967
    free delivery any where in lahore

  • WATEEN Wimax Offering
    Wi-Fi Device & USB Internet
    Offerig 60% Off Buy Any Connection
    5GB downloading+ 1MBPS speed
    256Kbps Rs. 600 usb rate & wi-fi= 700
    512 Kbps Rs. 700 usb rate & wi-fi =800
    1 Mbps Rs. 800 usb rate & wi-fi = 900 inc tx.
    10gb & un-limited also avail
    Other Information
    Call Now adnan babar
    onliny lahore
    free delivery any where in lahore

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